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Your words who you are where you call home and what you do My name is sam groenewald. I'm the director of professional athletes for new york. Roadrunners the tsa new york city marathon. And i'm talking to you from north county san diego so i have to tell you this. I've told other people at new york roadrunners this story but probably never you. Which is that the first time we met which was like not a formal. Hi m ali. Hi i'm sam hence this story about to hear So i was doing a live show at the run center with it was for fifth avenue mile. Three years ago i was super pregnant and i was doing a live show with emma coburn and jenny. Simpson you were there. And you were standing next to emma coburn while we were getting ready and while we were having small talk. You are right there so i was like. That's obviously joe bus hard like that. Is emma coburn this guy next to her tall bald guy. Joe bosshard for probably two years. I thought you were joe bosshard and anytime i saw you i was like. Oh there's joe. Hey joe bosshard how's it going. Took me a long time before. I learned that that is not you so i just wanted to share that with you. It's it's not that often alley that. I would say that i'm tickled by something but i'm one hundred percent serious. That story is just delightful. Look joseph successful coach. Joe a super cool guy. I take that as a compliment And i also understand that you haven't yet been able to get joe on the podcast. So just say the word for the next hour you to continue this chirad. I'm happy to be joe going to be like. I'm happy to put in a good word for you. I'll make the introduction but you know that too okay. We'll see what we can do. I love that you know that that. I've been wanting to joe on the show. Yeah he's like mr. I don't do interviews and you know i respect it so i don't push too hard but i'm glad to have you sam grunwald here and really..

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