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She is hurt not so years from some college but he's been active in the race chronic writes for many years student at Towson University in twenty thirteen yeah formed what he called wiped student union add to Casey interest white students and when I'm more controversial realities on that group was there would call on these crime patrols for the right to throw black on white crime quarter vote I'm and what they were doing that it would chalk the sidewalks message just like White tried White Jones is over come from incredible Jesus to shines high mark has emerged as a very smart a very savvy and a very are energizing her for young two summers Streit will the group has called the traditionalist worker party it's is a white Nationals group it says on its website that it planned Sunday's event yes chase event in conjunction with the Golden State's skin heads to make a statement about the Paris a situation our race is in after brutal assaults at Donald Trump events in California and as we're a minded he was there when a Black Lives Matter woman was pushed into was one of people pushing and shoving he says What about that incident like most things Mecir have access to know involves this is wonderful believes he believes he says he was provoked and get tired of trying probably indelible It's interesting you know about hole worlds you ET disguises or or apiece he also covers up his stray system he calls Christian well he says I don't hate anybody I just love White people it's a very interesting twist will be gonna was Twitter He has a little over three thousand followers of course none of that all supporters in a beast looking to see what he says but he writes of unselfish Chair of The only third position party in the us fighting for thank family and fall and he spoke with Al Jazeera America last year about some of his beliefs let's listen I believe in every people deserves to have a sovereign homeland he should be able to have their own space where their own culture in their own free family Info can thrive and that's the belief of nationalism that is shared by most people and groups around the world now you save he is pretty tension Lee the David Duke for new did generation but not Neal Nazi not merely dots is is not about season and the context of the near Nazi that's that's a very particular ideology that advocates fourteen resurgence of right.

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