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Rings. Well, can I can I appraise you? Sure can't see if anything's actually valuable. I mean, really Edessa just want Salt Lake souvenir slips shit about anything else super shutting. Yep. That's it. That was a fourteen report teen anymore. A lot of the prices are pantries Melissa level spells wizard harassed but made into mental items reach for them to me. So he could make mass. Air visa conversation. Ito some them. Just one shut Younes there might be like likely terminate enchantment little little small units, but all in this area chess with problems or. Mean twenty five goals definitely know some areas where you can get as much as one fifty. He just have to hold onto for third. I mean, I did bring a carriage. Ending. And we did we did win these. Well, you know, there's a prize also finding turning the pain. Let's do that. And can I wonder if I could to just give me? I'm sure they will notice if you just take one that can be imploring. She can't do it a little haircut. Do it. It's like it's like a autre like she can't take things that don't belong to her. Gotcha mansion pepper and a lot of fun going. I mean, like not don't get me wrong. Like through rules aren't like law like if somebody fucks her up and they have shit. She's it's hers like, and if somebody does something that she considers fucked up, even if it's not technically illegal. She doesn't care. She'll fucking kill it. Don't matter. All right Pippa, can so you you are gonna return Chad. Yes. Yes. Yup. All right. You had back in there. The fficials are like super stoked, you know, they don't know that you've over that's like an stolen when I. Oh nice. Well, done you've won the prize. They eagerly take the chest back. It's kind of doing plants over well done relgion champions. Basically have you on little days where they're gonna you like cries fascist super excited be made that made them has to do with chess and one of the prizes to one of the prizes is any item from a little tweet chesting any one of these items that I was that the test that we like saved, but we will not okay. So she is going to pick up what all three of the Baratz and just look like really late. She is on. Obviously like could cannot choose fun. She's just like. I mean when that went on, but she could have just what if I would if I can Jim Hamlin to the key has one I can have these two. If she's just gonna do that for like an extended period of. You want to do with diplomacy. Maybe maybe to consider Jim has entered an entry Persson. Well, actually, Jim was indispensable to our find in the chest. So I mean, he was really just part of team. And that was a fifteen runs on respect construct assistance respect. All right. So the low Jim two eight one pick prize. It's okay. So Jim, I think secretly probably was one of the ones that would like cause destruction, but he loves her. And so he's just gonna be like us going to like take the fucking red and be like playing his bread. Yes. Just going to go ahead and actually take the color one. Even though she has it. So you can use it on himself. Right. So those are the loop. Right. That's one of the price price pack that you can also get one two desperate. You're going to pick your own. She can she can have the bread. Oh my gosh. Collection sale. Gosh, still numb and she's just like she takes her hair down. And it's just like a super long lake. It comes down to have. She has kind of like how job on top of her head. But she like polls some fucking Bobby pens out. There's like eighteen and she's like just just went second. Okay. This might take a minute. And she's like. Getting all she was ready to here's our hair just lights falls down like a waterfall. And as it falls down. She like runs her fingers through the hair, and it changes to this like really really ridiculous teal color because if her mind those were we'll go perfect with that colored. So she's like, pinning them back, and she's just really really happy with herself, and then gyms like trying to mimic slash Macher until he's like doing the same thing. And like. His year. But doesn't really know how to use that kind of magic turns it self just like right fucking yellow looks like shit. And she's like, Jim, you know, a really new I should have taught you about this earlier like should've just let us bring. But now you're fucking yellow you're like, a Ray of fucking sunshine and then picks them up, and it's just like. He looks prejudice racing small price price pact and the all hands. They're activated by verbal command. The all have little cutesy activation things like he king God magical every since they have little little head phrases to act. Each has their little things. Like, don't you? Gm's is just all makes I thought it'd be cute. God. Things like that rockets. God. All right. So he's going to have to progress to naughty stupid. And then for the second prize. They have you know, they have a little pouch of tangled pieces of peace for you. And as a bonus a spoon of flavor. A spoon of flavored. He says it's one of his most sought ofter commodities. He came up with the ideas. It's basically pants of wizards can't do it without like. Shoes. Basically, it's a spoon and when you put into any item. It's basically flavor it to something else if you hadn't poor if you could get input taste like pudding. Pay money. Awesome. Like, no, I want the Baretta that gives you salon style. And I want the spoon of tasting. And these are things that someone has to invent like right now. Cards. It's basically zero level spouse. And if the first one I thought of all ages, there's been other places tents for. No where near nickel on the bud pretty quickly appropriate. It's and again, it's fake a zero level spell the majors were. So it's not thinking. Also. So we each get ones venom, that's like one of the main prices. Things in their on. They're not a lot in circulation. He he keeps the demand for only like in snow little. Oh, yeah. That's one dot will apple style. But only sold out already. Sorry, though, we only make three. Concent- and it's a joke. He hasn't make Vate look like super like basic in lane busted up like using crappies collusion drawer. Well, it is now one of my most treasured item Edessa like strings it on some string ties it around her neck like shoves it down their shirt 'cause she's just like this is nice Ville. Nobody else gets this. Sorry. How do you activate them? Does it just work? Like, this just read your mind. Read your mind that one is. Yeah. Come on. Swoop causing traits. I want I cream and then tastes like ice cream. Every bite you have to maintain concentration. So once you go, let's see putting local food into concentrate again. God, thanks got it. So every excited to them. This was like a thrice competition. Continues music archery. Celebration is offering my Asian. Needs festival. To Nazi Jessen cannon origin story of how we met because I think that was like really adorable. I liked how are characters interacted.

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