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Ten fifty WT k. a ticket He's a lot of things put bullrings not one. Of them smart stupid idiotic brilliant genius unrealistic this he's the pony. Express we, are in a position right now in America more importantly where this whole, this race thing is is taken over you know because one because unbelievable I'm, president is kind of trying to. Divide us but I think kind of Almost say he's dividing. Us and what I noticed over the last few. Months that he's kind of sport to kind of divide us and. Something that, I can't relate to because I notice four was the first time I, ever with around someone white You know and I and I and. I got an opportunity to see them and, learn about them and they got opportunity to learn about me and we became very good friends and I was like oh wow this is all because sports and sports forces never been something be by people it's always been something that bring someone again here's Andrew Phillip pony as LeBron James on CNN Friday night And that has. Sparked a Twitter war the president of the, United States went after the interviewer there Don lemon and also Said that Lemon made LeBron Looksmart which isn't easy to do Called lemon the dumbest man on television And so out of the NBA woodwork have come have come luminaries like Michael Jordan and Bill. Russell in the last twenty four hours they've, gone to bat for, LeBron Jordan saying I support LeBron James he's. Doing an amazing job, for his community, last night on Twitter Bill Russell said I, hadn't a need until now to say I'm proud of broad. James for following his dream to open I promise school helping kids and their families work towards a better life all done with his own money for anyone to criticize that. Is shameful and lacks compassion That was the Genesis of the interview LeBron just opened this school in his hometown of Akron Ohio and He's trying, to, foster In environment he's trying to create a place for Kids from low income And troubled backgrounds He has arranged for them Through his foundation To attend this Tim. Attend this school this is for at risk kids This is from ESPN the I promise schools the culmination of nearly a decade of work by. James foundation with its focus on, educating children from challenging situations and backgrounds the school began with two grades third, and fourth with plans. To expand in the coming years Love, or hate LeBron James one of the things key said in that clip we just played I completely agree with and that. Is sports as a way of, bringing people together and that's what sports have been all about For a long. Time and I I would agree with that It's it's, a place where like think about an NFL Sunday for example or what. An NFL, Sunday used to look like You get Seventy five thousand people in. A stadium From all different walks of life One guy's a doctor One guy makes thirty five thousand dollars a year and has to sit up, in the nose bleeds and it's hard for him to Make the payment on the season.

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