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Ninety nine cents. A month. One Person And always going to have to grind it out. The rest of the way. So. I had to figure out what to do so the first ever sponsorship I got was from Anchor And I mentioned this before. What happens was the Hitchin CPM's and in certain sponsors. Only wanted to let you add them at mid roll. So what that meant is that I would record half the podcast, and then take a break, and then I would I would go into a second segment. I didn't do that unless I was getting amid middle sponsorship and I was not losing out on that money. and. Then there was a stretch where I would have two or three sponsorships running at the same time when my podcast doing. Disgusting, it was doing crazy numbers. And I was just like you, you boy. I'm living life now. When I did my first ever on sponsorship, the PM which is the rate that you get paid per thousand listens. Was Ten dollars and that was for anchor. Then my next one was flip board and my pm jumped up to fifteen. Then there was a short one for this thing. Called Beach to sandy water to wit this podcast I. don't even know if still exists. And I did that one, but at the same time I had this one for this podcast called Mike Line which i. don't even think still exists. I had these two podcasts simultaneously and there will one and they were both seventeen. Seventeen fifty PM. And I was I had them one mid roll and one before. And then something happened where I got anchor voice messages so I had. I financed it so I had One at the beginning one at the middle and one at the end, and then when one switched to mineral I did to the mid roll, and in one at the and then one at home at the beginning. And they would calculate and the rates were jump and I would have money over the weekend. And I just be like. Yeah, I'm into this and then somewhere along the line before the fourth season. It all came to a screeching halt. I had sponsorship for thinking big with Maisy Williams. I believe in a thing was that they were cut off. Your sponsorship, sometimes I go. Mountains undergo for two months sometimes a run for three months, and sometimes they were last two weeks or ten days. thinking big as Williams I think that one ran for like ten days. And it was over..

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