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Brought to you by holiday and express be ready fourteen weeks ago, we were in Charlotte who on a rainy. Day. And here we are. You know, what's crazy fourteen weeks ago? We thought these exact two teams would be here. Really? We've answered a lot of questions yet. It takes so much to transpire to really be right about it. And that's rare. Yeah. Very even though we spend all you're talking about it, very rarely does the media get it. Right. Get it. Right. Look. Here's the deal. We we see obviously out of Bamut has been doing it for a long time. But we've seen the trend that Georgia. Yeah. Pretty much says curbing out there. I know eight four was what everybody wanted, but that was the improvement, and then obviously last year and being here, again, it's a lot of games that you have to play that a very tough hostile environments in order to get to this game when you play in this conference. So again, it's in the credit to Nick Saban in Alabama kurban smarter, Georgia, especially when you consider the both your genetic Obama had to go through tiger stadium. No. I mean, they will quite me. We we could've sat there in in July down the street and said someone's getting out of there. Yeah. It look it is. First of all you talk about environments, right? And we all know what that valley is. But Bama also had to go to Mississippi State. But it's just the consistency. I was having a conversation earlier with a guy he was he was like is an Alabama everybody else. I said the thing that Bama has capsule more than everybody is the level of consistency. Right. So as we break this game down, we know Alabama is going to play a certain way. And that's usually good. Most of all the time. The problem is what the other team like what game. Are they going to bring to the game? Because if Georgia brings their best game this will be a game all the way into the fourth quarter. But you just can't Bank on that with every Alabama take me into the meeting this afternoon tonight Mel Tucker sitting there with his guys. And and I mean, he he knows his personnel. He doesn't need the game plan. But he did what he will. But he's going, okay. Is there anything else I can do? So what what's the approach when you're up against a quarterback that that has not been stopped? Well. I love so much that we saw the sights and Dallas last night, right? Everybody got that wrong. If you're if you're a smart football coach if you're a smart defensive coordinator, you watch that game last night just in case Dallas figured out how to stop drew Brees from do away. He was doing right. So now that you had that sample size last night. You got remember the saints be LA forty five to thirty five. Right, right. And these was supposed to be the two best teams. What did they do pizza? They attacked and their special players were special right Vander Asia. Jalen Smith at linebacker play it out of their minds, the secondary, which Georgia has a very good one. The secondary for the Cowboys got up into the Y receive was for the site. If you're going to be successful against a player like to you have to try to dictate as a defense what they do offense. But if you sit back and say, hey, we're going to try to play it safe in plays on we go try to match their guys with. Our best guys usually that's a formula for disaster. But if you're Gretchen, and you guys up front that can get after the quarterback was Georgia has and they're starting to emerge even more you have a chance to play against any quarterback. And I think I think you know, yesterday, obviously last night was perfect example of how you play quarterbacks when they're playing at elite level you have to pressure them. And for Georgia up the.

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