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Got Core I think you have a few on yours. On game for us to play at the end of this, okay? At Amanda. HINEOUS STA wants to know if people started treating you differently after you lost the weight. No I think people who are I got more attention from. He lost like fifty pounds. Yeah I think my swag level in terms of my self confidence went up, but people who are in my life were just like really proud of me, which actually like? Double, motivated to keep going then, I went too far and got like real skinny, and it was like weird, but I yeah like when friends like Oh my God. You look so good. That makes you feel good about yourself. You would kind of be motivated to go back if you feel like you're being sluggish. You become. I'm going to go do that class today, so yeah I got nothing but love for. Over you'd one I have all the questions in front of me and you're right. There are a lot of. Will he date me? Is he dating anyone data Latina? There's a lot of my first girlfriend in college for like my first. Serious Golfer was Latina. Doesn't like me. This is weird. Like, we had a bad break up three or four years. We both like cheated on was horrible. You're twenty years old and doesn't like me. I try to be friends with her, not interested now she falls me on. INSTAGRAM Nellie asked the biggest positive and negative takeaway from joining Shah's Oh my God. There's a thousand positives and a couple of negatives I would say the positive, too. Many number of my favorite one is probably the fact that like you are immersed in a culture that you didn't grow up with, and you get to like see all these cool things like that all the things that you've seen on the show organically. Are Parts of the culture I've never experienced before the worst part going back to the Mona. Thing is having to like you. Sign up for this process and you agreeing to be real and raw as possible, and it's like, but now I gotta deal would like basically verbal abuse from complete strangers. That's not okay to me. You know like that's not what we signed up to do. Certainly when you're in public I, you are agreeing to put your life out there and there's judgement that comes with that, but like verbal abuse. You're never asking to be harassed. That's probably the, but I would say the caveat to that is like ninety nine percent of the comments I get our love filled. In you know, so, I'm proud of that, that's one you might not be able to answer, and we might have to wait for the reunion which we don't know what it is, but loy symptoms wants to know if you have ma- Jiji's new baby, and if you guys will have another season well, we never know for having another reason. I can answer that one by. Have you met the baby are? There I have number theory. Okay, no, and that's won't leave it. But I'm super happy for her for being a mother I mean that's amazing. Yeah, but I'm not meant to be. That was a journey for her. We all saw of her fell. I'm very very happy for her I, don't I don't I don't feel a burden to have to pretend to be cool with people. Yeah, see I feel that way now, too, and I feel like. Brock brought this new confidence out of me that I'm like I don't need to be friends with everyone like a couple of girls who I felt like. I was forcing myself to be friends with and now Mike. I'm good. I have met I. Have Met love for Gomez I'm super proud of her. For having a baby was a big thing she wanted to do we. We don't have a relationship right now. All and why do I have to pretend like I? Do have one with her. You don't don't yeah, yeah, maybe we'll get there one day. Hope so as of right now life goes on, stay tuned. All Right? What is this game? Don I wanted to do a fun game because? It's fun I so appreciate people reaching out to you, but I wanted to do like a pump versus Shaw's face Oh. Okay, so here's how this is going to work. You are going to answer for the Shah's cast. Okay, I'm going to answer for the vendor comcast. Okay, so we're going to start out with the most basic one done this before renewed again a fuck Mary kill. You're going for the Shah's. I'm going for van of okay. We cannot use each other. To obvious, go ahead. Oh, I have to pick out of the. Pick you. Okay, if you want to you can. Yeah out of all of the guys mean. Marry you. fucking kill ooh. I'll kill Ali. Oh, he's A.

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