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You know, the terrible on this road trip. And then Saturday we play the Boston. Celtics Sunday, we play the Houston Rockets won both of those games. Excellent. Good luck. Charms. Toronto rafters. I mean, a you are coming down and. Energy. People. They, you know, there's no I don't believe in luck. But I am incredibly superstitious when it comes to basketball. I'm moved my seat over. I used to sit on the right was nice it on the left seat. They're doing better. You know? I don't wear a certain jacket that I wore during some bad losses. Now, you keep showing up we win game who shouldn't win. And we had we were all there. No. Oh, no. Just lost able horrible. The difference was I was so far away from the court young prepares far away from the. Excellent. Excellent throw. But I'm saying compare the energy different toxic masculine MO Jo I project on the court. If you will Jessie are you is there like an angels in the infield situation here where you when you show up Christopher Lloyd and his his army of skilled sports angels can like doing visible basketball tricks. If if listeners remember year ago, we did the relevant sports podcast. And and Jesse you're on it and your coats with Steve Carter. Yeah. At the time pastor at willow creek it. Yeah. And Steve was down on Sunday with the game. So I felt like I was living the Roman sports podcasts sitting on the site full conduct the anti we got into trouble though. I mean center. To hear the story. Such theater of the mind is my friends won't tell me stories in real life because they will only tell me on the relevant podcast. So, you know, I don't like James harden heathen like me, you know. I mean, that's just the bottom line. That's so he plays for the other team the Houston Rockets his big beard. He's on a street. Yeah. He's on a unprecedented. NBA record streak right now of averaging more than forty points a game over the last almost twenty games. Tell him how much he scored against the match thirty eight okay. But still average over forty but still, but here's the deal. He was one of seventeen from three and I rode him. Okay. I to Austin rivers is on stuff. Were you yelling though Cameron? It's not safe. I don't cross comfortable get into what we're saying to the players Pacific because I'll just say this if I can say, they're very unjust, let they. The bad men were yelling in July. So so then there's a player Austin rivers whose play for the clippers. I was writing him. He turned on gave it back to me. And then all of a sudden say. Say say the Jesse see the Mark reveals itself premeditated. And so the rest of the game it's on Austin rivers. And and Steve Carter when it half time and went and bought like magic, warm up gear and ultra shorts gym shorts. And he comes out like that a little bit. He walked away from you a normal close came back. Totally sickly changed his clothes in the bag that he bought oh gosh. Stephen. So it was crazy. And like this is only the second time. This happened me fourth quarter security guard comes over to me and Steve guys got to keep it down. You got a little bit got to calm down. And I'm like. Jose what I like, I know him, and he pointed to his earpiece just chill a little bit. Did you see somebody call today say you liberal? Other team did. No, no. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know we calmed down. I mean, we did like it's almost like it's like when your favorite teacher that you're super cool with you know, whatever kind of goes like you get in trouble. Thank no, I tell you who it was. It said something come some clean shaven. Liberal Holly weird. About we missed you any Steve Carter is a blast in. It was it was fine. We missed you think the world of him. And I I the all we're having so much fun on story was all I could do not drive myself door with fun. I'm still tired Because because of of the the lake. lake. Your midnight, fighting just not going to not cutting. That is a busy weekend. I'm office. I probably taken a sick day. After all that. I want showing around town throwing Gillette razors in the garbage and just going around town bullying for. Pick on just to kinda Rica masculine energy and what a day..

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