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Senator Harris is sending the biggest signal yet that she plans to run for president twenty twenty. She's going on a book tour from our KCBS anchors. Stan buggers easily Taylor spoke with case BSN chronically insider, Phil matere fill a book. That's right about it's called the truths. We told in American Journey, and it is the story of Kamla Harris's journey that is a very popular word, a very popular theme, it talks about her Indian-born mother, her Jamaican-born father, how they met in Berkeley. However, mother decided to get married rather than go back to a prearranged marriage how she was raised here in this country and her attorney general on the mortgage crisis to get the banks to pony up even more money and her thoughts about various topics. So it's a combination of buy-up and also sort of policy manifesto statement going forward. But what it really is. Is it ticket to the talk show circuit? Okay. You go around to media-friendly markets. You get your good Morning America. She was just on you get on the the the view you do some tours. You get on the radio. It's your ticket to say Hello. And this is following a long line, and this has been going. Hey, look, Warren's got two of them. You know, she has let's see what her she has. Fighting chance and this fight is our fight. So apparently with her it's about the fighting. It's about the fighting route one in ninety five right now, listen, this was Barack Obama actually was the one that took us to new heights because before his book came out dreams from my father. He was virtually unknown. And he became a pop phenomenon on a personal story, not a political story. And as he rolled out he became like this pop star which launched him, and you have to do that. It look if you're Joe Biden who by the way has book out. I think it's it's holding open the door somewhere. If if you're Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, you're already known by a good chunk of the voters, especially the democratic voters. But if you're Kamla harass you might be known in California and Elizabeth Warren or veto award. All these other people you need a ticket to get some attention. And that's what this is about this on both sides of the aisle because I'm not hearing about any books about Republican candidate Romney wrote books. Everybody writes books. Well, no, that's an interesting part there as well season. Because remember a few cycles ago on the presidential. It wasn't booked tours or things like that that's kind of a democratic thing because that's slides over onto the onto that talk show circuit. They were making announcement about being running for president or on Larry King. Remember when that was the rage or or late night comedy shows. Right. That's how it took off. And and the Democrats they write books, and they write books about themselves and about their manifestos, but the guy sitting in the White House. He didn't write a book. He was on a reality show. I reality TV show. Could argue the art of the deal was in fact, his manifesto. It was a man of. That's a good point. That's a very good point. But it wasn't a political one. But it was right? Exactly. But that was the art of the deal and the art of the presentation because what these candidates are trying to do with these things is create some kind of celebrity because when you're starting out like I said, if you're a Joe Biden Bernie Sanders, people know you, but if you are a Kamla, Harris or Elizabeth. Morning you need people. A core group of people to love you to really want to get out there and do something for you. So you use these as a way to get in there and say Hello and say, hey, would you join me on my fight, Mike, west Germany, my my art of the deal. Whatever it is. We're going to do and I'll see you on on the road to the White House will all get there together. KCBS probably insider, fill material we'll be back live with Jeff in Patty this evening at five fifty British military specialists are planning extensive work in order to decontaminate the home where a former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned officials have notified neighbors. It specialists will remove the roof of the home and dismantle parts of the building in order to conduct a deep clean, which could take up to four months, sir. Hey and Yulia scrape screwball collapsed on March fifth in the city of south prairie after being exposed to the deadly nerve agent. Novacek the chief of emergency medical services for contra Costa counties. Fire department was arrested Sunday on drug offenses officials say Richard Stevenson was arrested by. Martinez police on suspicion of illegally possessing controlled substances. He's been placed on administrative leave fire chief said in a statement that the arrest is in relation to an isolated incident. That did not involve members of the public or public services. No information about the case.

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