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Okay but what do i mean by the body i mean physical conditioning would be a huge aspect or a huge portion of what i would focus on when it comes to preparation for hunting inside of that specifically what i mean is there would be a lot of odd objects and heavy object lifting carrying moving and the reason i say that is i've yet to find a barbell or a dumbbell anywhere outside of a gym ever it's think about nature it's so uncommon to find something that is incredibly linear and also equally loaded on both sides and if you're constantly training with things that are linear and equally loaded on both sides you can develop a great capacity but there will be a decrease in your ability when you get your hands on an object if you've never touched them before so there would be some work around that there would be some work with a heavy laden rucksack on your back because if you're going to be hunting specifically in the western states where there is i guess there's tree stand hunting here if you want to but you got varying terrain you need to be able to operate in that terrain and you need to be able to operate in that train carrying the weight you'd likely be carrying when you're hunting and then there'd be a cardio component and the way i train those things don't necessarily have to happen separately i believe in high heart rate training and picking up heavy things i can't think of any situation in my life of true importance or something that mattered that occurred with an incredibly low heart rate it was actually probably closer to maximal so there's the focus on the body and then we're gonna go right back into the fundamentals of shooting the shooting mechanics the various body positions how to align your sites everything that dudley his top me from stance to stacking your joints in your bones to again this is with a boat you know how you draw where.

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