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The word turns up in the seventeenth century. It's taken directly from latin. And it means a cupboard. It means something that a sword goes into vulva. Doesn't do much better. That appears in the fourteenth century. And it means but some people suggest it comes from. The french means rapper. Both these words derive their meaning and their import from the penis. Basically that's what. China is something a sword goes into. I say that these words are feminist is count which comes from a word that means queen create wisdom cow. When did it. I stop being used in english as we recognize it today. Grope couldn't lane. This is the first recorded instant in the oxford. English dictionary. turns up in twelve thirty a. Street name in london called grope lane which was exactly what it sounds like. This was in the red light district of civic. It was a lane for groping counts and there wasn't just one in london. There was one in bristol. It was what york the pace all over the british isles but whereas plus regions might be calling each other and their friends cons. It seems evil. People were calling their children because it turns up in a number of names bizarrely enough well. Twin claw couldn't is recorded in ten sixty six gernika controls and twelve nineteen john filkin in twelve forty. Six robert cleave. Couldn't thirteen to misspell wide. Cont- turns up in the norfolk subsidiary. Role we don't us these. Aliases or if the jokes but we did a lot of fun with evil named in fact originally the word fuck did not mean what it means. Today it means to strike something to hit which gives us the fabulous name of a dairy farmer in twelve ninety down to simon fook butter so offensive to many evil people know it wasn't concern up all over medieval culture and medieval literature. And they're certainly not offensive is just a descriptive term. Here's some examples. The proverbs of handing thirty and twenty five advises women to give your cont- cunningly make your demands later. I get a ring on it. First before you give it up. There's an a welsh. Poet called worth mccain from the fifteenth century and she advises a male poets to celebrate the fine bright curtain of a constant flops in place of greeting suprises that medieval culture. Was this open about cons- but the truth was they. Were more sexually liberated. Actually give them credit for this idea of them. Being in tower with a chastity bell on his largely hatchet job on their reputation by the victorians. now it wasn't a sexually liberated utopia. They had their own hangups but they weren't that offended by sex or get you in trouble. Swear words middle ages was religious ones blasphemous ones. If you said like god's wings or god's ti- thoughts what you'd say if you're caught your you fly in you soften dungarees in you. Fly one of poet drops to see bomb with precision of military geoffrey. Chaucer who turns. Gcc's a-level syllabuses. Although his jokes assembling not dwelled upon he doesn't use the word to use the word quinta which again means knowledge and it means so. This is his joke as the clocks been full. Subtle full hick cleanser and privilege. He caught by the quinta. A rough translation means the clock was really on a quarter by the to.

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