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He's not quite that player, but he's still really, really good. And the one thing that I definitely saw on his Cleveland tape is why he grew frustrated with Baker Mayfield and his inability to get him the football, especially I think the beginning of the end for the Baker Mayfield OBJ relationship was the game against Minnesota in week four of this season. Beckham was open on the tape all game long for four quarters. And there were a couple of instances on downfield throws or baker just couldn't get in the ball or the ball was off target and incomplete, there was a couple of times or baker didn't throw him the football and held the ball and didn't go as direction. But Odell could have had a hundred plus yards in a couple of touchdowns in that game quite easily. And just didn't get the football and it felt like there were a couple of instances in other games where he didn't have those opportunities. And he wasn't getting the ball where he needed it. Now, max seems like the type of guy that when you watch some of the ways that they use the receiver is not necessarily here in New England, although I think Odell fits what they do in New England really, really well. I mean, if it's anything, he's that good. Right, going back to Alabama though for a second and just thinking of how they used jaylen waddle and devonte Smith in that offense and some of the you know the skinny posts in the slant routes in the over the middle type of things. And the one on ones on the outside. And the way that Beckham can go ahead and win both inside and outside, it does feel like on top of that, maybe he does have another gear after the catch that he just wasn't able to really show off in Cleveland because of the way that they were using him. Mac hits him in stride on a quick three or 5 step slant or something like that over the middle, and he's got the angle on the deep safety. I mean, those are the types of plays that Odell used to make, right? He used to run right by everybody on those types of throws. And Mac is the type of quarterback that can lead him in stride and put it right on the numbers and allow him to run with the football after the catch..

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