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Pedro gonzalez gonzalez you gotta go to youtube this is what you do you go to youtube when you type and pedro gonzalez gonzalez the first in the comes up is an episode of groucho marx is wonderful tv show you bet your life from the 1950s and he he comes out looking like a dead ringer for you the young young version of your grandfather's had to see if morning chesney founding the and the the proceeds to absolutely convulsed the audience and groucho with his if effervescent personality and his and is just the dna eva's is performing gene on a house to describe it and he made such a hit the gradual had him back again had to have him back again at least what at once or twice one time for shortlived to get my hands on i'm trying to find it right now yeah well at least at us on youtube and then he came to the attention of john wayne who fell in love with your grandad and put him under personal contract and kept him busy in films for quite a while during the 1950s people remember real bravo specially and we'll get into all of that later on to hide the mighty when that you in the igc that's how i got to meet your grandfather was when i did the audio commentary for the long unavailable film behind the mighty won't have finally released on dvd it so long as the threehour movie that we had members of the cast come at various points and do interviews as sections of the commentary track and and your grandmother and grandfather came into the audio record.

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