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16 right now. On Colorado's Morning News Springs Mayor John Suthers happy Colorado governor Jared Pola signed a bill on infrastructure improvements going to help his city We're estimating in the first year alone, 23. It's going to be an additional $7 million for the city of Cairo Springs over and above the 14 million or so that we have now. Others praised legislation for coming together to get the new dedicated funding stream done and unlicensed massage therapist is facing sexual assault charges. 50 Four year old Raymond Welling was arrested. Investigators started looking into him after a woman reported him for sex assault at the end of last month. Police say welling may have sexually assaulted other clients, a city of Aurora hosting Covid 19 vaccine clinics tomorrow and Sunday. They're being held at the Aurora Municipal Center Apartments available. The vaccine is going to be made available to those without shots are being given out on a drive thru and walking basis. More information at Aurora gav dot org BACKSLASH VACCINE, The CDC reports more than 300 cases of heart inflammation. And young people after they got the Covid vaccine cases are out of more than 20 million adolescents and young adults that have gotten their shots. The CDC's independent advisory committee will meet next week to go over the cases. While they will talk about the latest research and safety data at the meetings, they likely won't recommend any changes to covid 19 vaccination protocols. NBC News Radio's Mark Mayfield reporting some Republicans calling for the end of the mask requirements on airplanes, trains and other transportation as restrictions Lucien Nationwide and effort introduced by the Transportation Committee. And Florida Senator Rick Scott was defeated Wednesday. But even some Democrats like Senator Brian Shots of Hawaii have expressed in patients with the rules suggesting the Vita ministrations consider lifting it. Juneteenth is now a federal holiday. It is being celebrated today, but it's actually tomorrow. President Biden signed legislation creating the holiday during a ceremony at the White House A, which remember.

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