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Northern Kentucky high school student who sued after being told he couldn't play basketball because he didn't have a chicken pox vaccine has now come down with chicken pox back in January eighteen year old Jerome Kunkle sued the health department and Boone County Circuit Court when he wasn't allowed to play basketball because he didn't get the chicken pox vaccination for religious reasons. Concha claimed the vaccine is derived from aborted fetal cells and calls that immoral illegal and sinful has attorney claimed was discriminated against and targeted because of his religious beliefs in April judge ruled against conkland in favor of the northern Kentucky health department. Conquer has appealed his case. One of the suspects involved in Tuesday's school shooting in Colorado will be in court this afternoon ABC's. Alec stone is in the highlands ranch. Colorado with the latest village shooters in eighteen year old man and a teenage girl or being held warning signs. Law enforcement tells us we're nonex-. Distant Douglas county sheriff Tony spurlock talking ABC news to the best of mine knowledge. They were not on our radar at all. And we didn't have any information from the school that they were someone that we should be concerned with the two were accused of walking into their school here and opening fire with handguns, Alex stone ABC news highlands ranch. Colorado, President Trump asserted executive privilege over the entire Muller report in order to block its release legal contributor, Rebecca ROY explains. The executive privilege argument dates back to the supreme court during the Watergate era, gay executive has an interest in keeping some kinds of top level conversations private, and that's part of its constitutional role. It needs that in order to carry on its constitutional role on the flip side, the court at the same time said that privilege is limited. It's limited by congressional powers as well. So congress also has a valid oversight role. Meanwhile, the democrat controlled House Judiciary committee is nearing a vote on whether attorney general William bars should be held in contempt of congress. Walmart will be raising the age to buy tobacco Prada. At its stores to Twenty-one starting July first and a letter to the FDA the giant retailer said they would also stop selling fruit and dessert flavored e cigarettes altogether. Rite. Aid Walgreens have already stated they are increasing the age to buy tobacco products to twenty one. The new Royal baby has a name the lad will be known as Archie Archie Harrison mountbatten-windsor to be precise. The Duke and duchess of Sussex used Instagram to make the announcement posted statement said this afternoon their Royal highnesses introduced her majesty the Queen to her eighth grade grandchild at Windsor Castle. Principal and Megan's mother were also present at the special occasion ABC's Tom rivers in London. Your next news update is at three thirty. I'm Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty WHAT. Yes. Kentucky on is. Breaking news, weather and traffic station, your shot at.

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