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The broker and Lynch syndrome screening and prevention are very important as we're going to outweigh the risks of breast cancer and in Lynch syndrome colon cancer. Tell us more about the healthy Nevada project itself. Take us back before 2016. How did you put it all together? Why did you take on this massive project? What what was the the fire under you going? The way will came about was very simple conversation. I got introduced to the principal investigator. Joe Jim ski who is a scientists data scientists desert research institute, and we had a Cup of coffee that we're both from New Jersey. It was a Saturday morning. And I learned with desert research institute is you learn. Around health and together, we came up with this idea that well, if you took our rich environment of clinical information and combined it with the great science of environmental data that had we might look to understand the environmental impact on health and disease. And then a couple of coffees later to conversation said the one dimension that we were missing was genetic and social data, and we put those into this data warehouse and Joe's team of data. Scientists now are analyzing the data using artificial intelligence methods and computer learning science to find friends and patterns in our health these states. You know, we've had our guest before a couple of times, and you made clear then as you are now that you really want renowned to be recognized as a leader not not just in healthcare in northern Nevada. But nationally, how will the healthy Nevada product help further that goal there's not another community base genetic testing project going on the country. We're scaling the community away that we're right now we will be about ten percent of all of the people in northern the value will be tested our goal. So that we can get the statistical significance is Theresa twenty percents threshold also being very purposeful about the kinds of people recruit. So that the data set that we evolve mirrors the kinds of conditions that we see proportionately in the community. You know, we're going to get your face to in a in the next segment, but I want to emphasize that the excitement goes well beyond beyond renown. India? I wanna state and again ten thousand north. Nevada and sign up for phase one in just two days. And I'm not gonna give it away yet. The astounding sign of result. You've had the the the new phase. But you're excited. Dear is excited. But the whole community has really gotten excited about this the real heroes in this are the participants those people in northern Nevada who put their hand up and said, I want to be part of something bigger not only for me and my family, but how can I contribute to understanding the health and the health care needs of our great community have a pioneering spirit about them. And it comes through.

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