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Homecoming two thousand nineteen is the Stanford cardinal ten six an opening position drive for the buffaloes resulting in a thirteen yard touchdown run by senior quarterback Stephen Montez and with that one little you with over ten thousand total offensive yards in his career joining sepuluh fell in that category cancel bubbles had a similar thing lead but their offense stalled out from that point on including a drive that ended with an interception by Montana's used him for the season Stanford cover with a couple of field goals in the buffaloes in our final possession with fourteen plays sixty three yards in just over three minutes and employees who is kicking in place of James to fight with his bowl game talk through a field goal of the buffaloes and extended the lead to four that's where our at half time ten to six hi everybody Kerry born it down the sideline right now he's about ready to go through the hall of fame induction ceremonies here at halftime fully crowd here at Folsom field who rejoice in the third quarter Andy Lyndall he'll be with us here the moment some voice to the boss for Johnson let's go ahead and run down the numbers in this ballgame first off your team's stance in this ten seven bowl game Colorado has two hundred and thirty five total yards compared to one hundred and fifty one for stand for the buffaloes have rushed for one hundred yards Stanford with only fifty three yards rushing video buffaloes have thrown for one hundred thirty four yard Stanford has gotten ninety eight passing yards in this ball game SO four third down the buffaloes are five of eight on third downs Stanford is one of six the time a position that is a two minutes just around two minutes or so sixteen fourteen for the buffaloes thirteen forty six for the Stanford cardinal now the individual numbers like this we Stephen attends twelve seventy passing one hundred thirty four yards is after a touchdown when he does and I think when he does that'll be the all time record for Colorado who sixty first of his career he's throwing one interception so for Katie because still overstated pretty liberating passing ninety eight yards he's got an interception battle was picked off by Terry and Rick straw is the third of the campaign leading the way the ground he's got five carries for twenty two yards Alex fought no he's got eleven carries for fifty nine yards to one rushing touchdown the buffaloes have used by Montana's as we mentioned for Kerry's for thirty yards the leading receivers look this digital six catches for eighty yards he had a twenty nine shorter he got home on that one with failed got up limped off the field came back and then late in that second quarter worked his way into the training facility so we'll see if he's able to play in the second half Parkinson the tight end is a leading receiver for Stanford he's got four receptions for thirty four yards SO four in the ball game unofficially the defense of numbers for the call the buffalo's leading the way total tackles of four with a baby on Taylor I'm surprised to find out again there's only artificial this point the lamb and down for three hours forty minutes seven right we've been very active again today the linebacker priest leading the way with four total tackles SO four unofficially for the Stanford cardinal loosely ten to six and a half of his homecoming game here it'll some field the whole thing Sir Maurice about ready to get under way in the field with coach Gary Barnett to Brian Cabral and Jenny Simpson Hannibal lot of moderate classes to the fifteenth induction class of Lucy with local famous already given away will talk things over with Andy Lindahl coming up in a moment we'll also hear from head coach bill Tucker as he works his way back in the field at the break it's the buffalo is over the cardinal Stanford ten to six here in boulder this is called a football from Bluefield IMG college and safe way we now fresh matters to you and it matters to fresh cut and repaired right here in store every day we also know little matters so we're proud to carry Colorado.

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