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Become what feels like exposing because he wants. All of you in the moment any really is i think the fact that he studied piano and was accepted to the school which became juilliard to study piano and went down the acting route. It was like a master terms of the discipline of creating your instrument because if you did not have a complete instruments you couldn't be a complete character by other words voice your body and being in the moment responding in the moment unedited so to speak in right so it was more. It was more about what was expected in the work. More than his his personal demeanor or yeah. Yeah and we'd sit there and he he everyone has their own style. He didn't have to say much because he was at that time i mean he had it he still had his voice had But every call it a learned ectomy and he hadn't been hit by a cab yes And so he was in decent shape he was a little bit older but not at all and he you felt his concentration relaxed looking at you and so he had the ability because of so many years of experience he didn't have to say many words but looking back at it now because that was a long time ago. And i've been doing this now. Fifty years i can see he was very clever in partnering people in the beginning. Certain kinds of exercises actually to go into the strength i to build up their confidence. You understand and then so they would take chances and try different kinds of now. You know when you're in the class you're just like okay. I'm next or whatever you have to do rutted. It's been a long time. But i still have very good memories of the experiences an can feel Rosberg both positive and the ones that scared the hell out of me. Sure is relaxation exercise. When he would grab a goddess shake it..

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