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And then there's another family of children that lost everything in the fire it's really heartbreaking and one of the kids and cancer treatment and the home that they were sharing with their mother and her parents that she moved into was burnt to the ground this is the kid with leukemia so me i put them up the cinema fire victims' family and only a thousand thousand fifty cents fifty thousand fifty has been given so far and what people are so cheap but summit wrote something she said i lost everything to a fire years ago everything it's a loss of identity at first in long run i learnt the cherish people memories and experiences you will too sending levin well wishes your wait i thought about that do you have you thought about what would happen if your house burned down or your apartment he had to leave and through seconds and get away with just with your life have you actually thought about what you'd lose i don't mean the money or the goal of the bitcoin's or the let us say the assurance you know all the stuff that i am talking about your photographs for example i mean truthfully that's a big deal i of i'm a big photo guy and i have old style photos in addition to all the years of digital i wouldn't know what to do without him i gotta digitalize all of a fast about last year i digitilized though my super eightmillimetre family movies going back to what my father still live in new york i couldn't believe it i mean like the family story in fifty eight minutes this guy does the stuff for me what an amazing thing to watch my father walking around the store and there i was a young guy would my goofy friends at parties when my parents were young it's astounding to watch that stuff which ask yourself you know what would happen if you got burned out will the people are going through that right now shrinks take the streets to demand narcissistic trump's ouster that is not related to this but it is some one on 25 nutjob psychologists and other mental health psychos march long lower broadway in new york saturday to demand the president trump he thrown out of office based on a constitutional clause allowing presently ouster when the cabinet decided quote unable to discharge.

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