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Yeah no i took the word right out of my mouth i was going to say it's totally lazy and i think that's fine i don't mind when they just kind of do a throwaway runway theme or like this team is like look hot you know whatever but i i'm mad at the judges took it so seriously like i thought the objective of the runway the object of the theater was to be like where something beautiful and we'll just like see what you wanna look like the fact that michelle keping like is this really your best drag really about his is your best drag like obviously no they're not throwing your best looks michelle you yourself are not wearing your best look tonight you're going to be wearing it later in the season so i just i had no problem with the theme itself i'm mad at just got like they got read so much for it well let's start off here we'll go in order that they walked down the runway and we'll tie in their performances as well let's start with the team captain of what ultimately becomes the losing team let's talk about asia o'hara here brent asia got a lot positive comments though rawson michelle also talked about how they felt like they didn't really know her get the only got a sneak peek of asia hera through two episodes of her do you agree with their assessment yes i do and i feel like she falls into the trap that many of the pageant girls fallen to where they don't they don't clap back like they were talking about with you hot and because of that there's not a ton of personality that's being shown to the audience obviously we see it in untucked but to the judges on the main stage they don't see a lot from asia there and they want it's like the chad michael thing where she's so perfect but you kinda wanted to be a little bit messier like i enjoy her more in untucked when she is like this bitch over here she needs to be in the bottom for that dress from last week like that at the judges could see that i'm like oh my god they'd be eliminated by asia but i do cosign what the judges are saying so a little bit like what happened with trinity to where she was a pageant.

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