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In September nineteen forty four just two months before the presidential election. A rumor began to spread that President Roosevelt had accidentally left fallow in Alaska and forced the ship to turn around. Get Him at the cost of twenty million dollars of taxpayers money. No one was sure where the rumors started. But it blew up and representative Harold. KNUTSON OF MINNESOTA SOTA shouted it from the floor of Congress. He hoped the room or wood frame. The president as out of touch and out of control with his spending despite despite its silliness the rumor grabbed national attention suddenly. FDR was in danger of losing his lead in the election. The scandal around around Fowler allowed his Republican opponent Thomas Dewey to gain momentum suddenly. FDR was in danger losing his lead in the election. The outrage around Falah allowed his Republican opponent Thomas Dewey to gain momentum President Roosevelt new. He had to do something and fast. Despite his poor health he had to get this silly rumor under control before it cost him the election. Uh and of course he had to clear follows good name. He put his plan in motion on September. Twenty third nineteen forty four during campaign dinner with the International Brotherhood of teamsters union off to pumping up the crowd with news of legislation. That would help. The teamsters and their families. FDR FDR confronted the foul rumor head on. He ended the speech with the famous line. Well of course I don't resent attacks and my family doesn't resent anti-tax but Fowler does resent them. The falla speech rallied. A nation and the rumor had completely backfired a few weeks later Franklin Delano Roosevelt road. The nation's love of Fowler to to a historic fourth term in office in January nineteen forty five President Roosevelt was inaugurated once again France and Belgium had been liberated from Germany and the end of the war in Europe was imminent in February. The leaders of the allied nations all met at the Yalta Conference to discuss the fate of postwar Europe once again fowler had a front front row seat to history smiling world leaders as World War Two finally ended but after he returned from Yalta President Roosevelt again fell ill in March nineteen forty five. He left Washington. DC for a long stay at warm springs brings Georgia hoping that stay at the resort would lift his spirits on April twelfth. Nineteen forty-five FDR's cousin Margaret and Fowler kept FDR company while he had his portrait painted suddenly FDR complained of a terrific headache in the back of his neck and dropped his head a few hours later. President Roosevelt passed away in his bedroom. After his doctor declared Roosevelt Dead Falah who had been sleeping peacefully early in the corner sprang to his feet and began barking in all the commotion of the President. Dying no one had paid attention to the dog dog in ours Yiping away. Fowler ran headfirst into the screen door busting through it. He ran to the top of a nearby hill where he continued to wail and cry. It seems like he was grieving for his master in in his will President Roosevelt bequeath. Falah back to his cousin Margaret suk-lee she gladly took the pop however after just a a few months. Eleanor Roosevelt who never warmed up to fallow. While he was in the White House requested that Falun join her at her new home in Hyde Park. Margaret happily obliged eleanor and Fowler. Grew very close over the next several years. She often wrote about him in her regular newspaper. Column America was still in love with the pop on Nice days. Fallow ran around the property not chasing squirrels and birds but mostly eleanor said. He patiently waited around for the old man to return home on April Fifth Nineteen fifty two just a few days before his twelfth birthday fallow uh passed away. He was buried next to President Roosevelt when it came time to build a presidential memorial for FDR Dr it only seemed fitting to include Falah when it was complete. A bronze statue of the Little Scotty was placed right right next to FDR likeness to this day. It's the only presidential memorial featuring the first dog a man and his dog together forever. Thanks for listening to talk tales. Every dog has his day and our day is Mondays. We'll be back then with a new episode. You can find more episodes of dog tales and all other parkas originals for free on spotify. Not only just spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify just making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcasts originals. Like Dog Tales for free from your phone desktop smart speaker to string dog tails on spotify. If I just open the APP and type dog tales in the search bar. Several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show. The best way to help is to leave a five lifestyle review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at Parkas network. Join US next week for another a good story about a good dog.

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