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Was responsible for joining the Edmonton Oilers into the NHL is most dominant team then in, a bizarre chair and he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings when he returned to Edmonton and a different jersey, a year later one point shy of the NHL. All-time scoring Mark the crowd was set for an exciting game and assist got him to tie in a last minute goal that tied the. Game grabbed him the record adventures empty and the crab gave him a three minute standing ovation It's boomer and geo on the fan Minds. Me of the one full Duke sound The same inflection It sounds like meeting it really started off And get the beat Lambs Boomer and geo, weekdays six to ten AM on the fan sports radio one zero, one, nine FM and. Sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York It's boomer and geo on the fan I love this guy Gentlemen Say this, again if things go, south this, guy Syndergaard, coming back from his, broken Arp Jio weekdays six to ten AM on. The fan sports radio. One zero one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York Yankees dropped. Game one of the double header ten to five seven zero five first pitch for game two you're pitching matchup Assisi Tabatha against heath, Bill Mayer here lineups for the Brett Gardner is leading off in center and John Carlos Stanton. Is playing right Didi gregorius Magellan do har- batting fourth Greg Burs the d. h. batting fifth Neil Walker is at first base batting sixth Kyle ago she alka behind the plate. Batting seventh Tyler Wade is at second base. Batting eight Shane Robinson in left field batting ninth so Hickson Torres go to the bench after starting game one of the double header for the royals it's mirror field Harare and Peres up top Peres is the d. h. in game two Bonifazio Duda and dosier followed by Goodwin. Escobar and Butare tariff behind the plate and. Batting ninth the Yankees royals will finish the series tomorrow with a, day, game Masahiro Tanaka. Against Burch Smith so three games in just over Twenty four hours. And then I was going to give you the pictures for Tuesday and Wednesday actually tomorrow tomorrow is not Tanaka tomorrow's j. happ that is listed wrong here and I just read. It right off the card my apologies j.. Hat pitches tomorrow makes his Yankee debut and then Tanaka pitches Tuesday with sunny gray scheduled Wednesday those are the two games against Baltimore Tuesday and Wednesday here at the stadium the road ad.

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