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If <music>. I'm you know playing a lawyer because i'm latina you know so but in this show you get to to have conversations you have dialogue and say you know what i don't think that gloria glory would say that or that doesn't feel right and it is a real collaborative effort to build these characters and that's why i think the voices are so authentic right so even though you started in the first season with as you're saying basically these great sassy one liners owners now we see gloria as as a full character so what does that mean for you for me to be here season three and to really have been given a story with a real nice beautiful arc to me was like the icing on the cake is what i wanted from day one as an actor just to have have a beginning a middle and an end a story. That's being told a story that is relevant to story. That's going to have people talking and i'm representing the latino community city in this show on this show. I'm representing the latina yes. I am a prisoner but she's layered. She's a survivor. She's smart. She was running a business before she got locked up. She's a mother she. She believes in her religion. She's a son data. She takes care of her cheek prison. She's no nonsense and she is what i think of. When i think of a latina i think of a strong survivor and that's what gloria mendoza is. She made the mistake yes but she's a survivor. She's a strong strong woman. Do you feel that that is sort of and i know that we're going from very specific to now. Hyper hyper brought about latinos and our position in this country. Are you feeling anything like something is changing because as you know latina's eighteen as are the most powerful consumers we make decisions about what movies we're going to see and take our families were often again. We're still not leads and yet we're still lucia or direct directing or calling major shots. I think there's an imbalance you know as much as we were saying oh but we are looking at and then look at the numbers. Look look at all the progress. They're still an imbalance in how that's being distributed. There's still an imbalance in how is being put out there and for some reason and this has been always been my frustration in an even so more now where i go. Why are we saying anything. Why aren't we getting angry. Why aren't we doing anything. Why aren't we being vocal and you seem very very comfortable with making these statements about what needs to happen. Were you always that wages and now people want to hear me where before i'd be like begging them. I have something to say..

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