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I do seventy no problems there too and from Frederick the B. W. parkway I. ninety five good for prince George's and Howard counties pacing well route fifty no problems there are good across the bay bridge in both directions works on westbound after route eight not causing much of a delay left lane taken away this crash in Silver Spring has both sides of Sligo creek parkway blocked at Piney branch road plan for alternate routes you can genocide I sixty six works on found on the westbound side you're considered Alexis right lane blocked three ninety five members of the express lanes been reopened both ways between Duke street and fourteenth street bridge I ninety five we can volume on the southbound side just to touch the protein route one twenty three of the article on the volume is growing on the northbound side between Lebanese in Fredericksburg crash near route three Fredericksburg single white Langenbach is another crash nearby Falmouth left lane blocked exactly a little bit try to get through that mess last cleanup is done over Loudon county through all these along route fifty just west fifteen all lanes have been restored in both directions near new mountain road crash along route fifty three Chantilly near Pleasant Valley road was cleared from the right side and through the district ongoing crash cleanup activity in north west Wyoming overturned vehicle that has the brass Gavin is still shut down both ways between the Mexico Avenue in Foxhall road near eighty you don't die at the Stanford grill enjoyed the sophisticated casual setting graceful and attentive service and delicious chef prepared classic American cuisine now with locations in Colombia and Rockville Rick McClure WTOP traffic let's get your storm team four forty forecasters NBC four Samara Theodore Hey friends so tonight temperatures are gonna drop into the forties tomorrow we're headed to the low seventies.

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