Texas, Allen, Alan discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show - Hour 4


Okay thank you i appreciate you got eight five five two four two paul is the number allen and called texas he is happening yeah it's worker are they added you there yeah there buddy was happening i request your proposal prom bomb by his way out later that's what her allen here's what happened he saw that you were on hold and basically that's why i got the call for the bat phones and take them on here in here for his cause alan was going to give him some hills in what are got a guy at the life palm court in georgia will have backdoor camp hip uber or you're at work i would imagine i was still in in pampers when were talking we're talking early '80s right eighty eight right right i was to pamper the order water and not being eighty two water eighty one you whipping i'm following you i'm not sure where we're going on this mandra go farther what are your life here corp and wanted to act or championship jordan did underpaid right now okay okay you think you're motley tampered have liked that could by corp from georgia listen i'm fine with that history if you don't know it you are doomed the repeated maybe that is a sign of things to come the thing is you're going to george is going to be in every football game right now if they can stop the run and they can run the football these are things that georgia excels in right now curry smart has brought that banda like defense to georgia in that i mean between that front seven and the way that that nick job and sony michelle can run the rock absolutely i believe in at the only way the georgia does not continue to have success if somehow kirby smart mishandles in this plays a quarterback situation jake from yes should be a startling four.

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