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With the lights go down in the city. It's time for the Mark Willard KNBR 1045 and 6 80 sports leader. Mark will show Thursday night. You know how I loved by Thursday's. It's when you start smelling the weekend smelling the football. There was a game earlier tonight. You could sort of call that a game. Broncos jets I don't know. Bit of a J B thing as we get ready for the real weekend as we do that, let's get into the rewind and hear a lot about this. 40. Niners and Eagles match up starting With our buddy Matty. Naoko, NBC Sports Bay Area who was on with Murph in Mac this morning on can be our Matty to questions. A Are you okay? And be How the hell did that happen? Yeah, Too good questions. I'm okay. In fact, if it's such a sharp And vicious plant that I didn't even realize it was like if you get stabbed with a butter knife, and now I'm not speaking to experience but I'm assuming if you get stepped with a butter knife, it's going to feel one way you get stabbed with a really sharp knife. Might do more damage, but you don't necessarily, uh, Maybe the impact of it isn't his great. That's probably a horrible analogy. But anyway, I'm all ears. This God, a plant. It was like a scalpel. Tze sticking out and I walked past It brushed past it on our porch as I was going out there to feel the phone call and And didn't even react. L like something like that. I don't know where that came from. But that might leave a mark. And then later I checked it out. And, yes, it did. Leave a mark. It looked like Edward Scissorhands got ahold of me or something. It's gnarly. Everybody steer clear of your by the way. Do you guys get tequila out of your goddamn plants? Um well, the I did not realize we haven't got a plan. Don't I quote her with it Fairly new addition to the porch and I wasn't Ah, I didn't expect it to be in my my foot Traffic path s O. I promptly moved it to a place where it can do no damage. Do no harm. I got a plan. My goodness. Alright. Mattie, who's playing quarterback on Sunday for the 40 Niners on Sunday night against the Eagles. My guess would be Nick Mullen. The thing that Kyle Shanahan wants to see from Jimmy Garoppolo is that he can protect himself that he has enough ability. Jimmy's not the most noble guy, but he really pretty good about moving around in the pocket and and then largely avoiding hits if he can't do that. Then it's Nick Mullins. And as you could tell on Sunday, and as you could tell from the final eight games of the 2018 season, there's no reason for the 40. Niners not have confidence in Nick Mullins. And so Garoppolo did not practice yesterday. I don't anticipate he'll practice today. And if he doesn't practise thes two days, you know when they're doing Wallens playing most again of is their that install that what you're feeling is as Then well. I just I don't see why Yeah, they would That's what it's looking force like. the Jimmy issue Garoppolo hasn't and put Garoppolo practiced out there Wednesday on or Sunday Thursday. night, So And typically, my those guess air would those be it air the 40 will be Niners, the same most sort quarterback of intense situation practices as we saw a week. Friday Sunday is more of ah, in the more metal of a walk and through style sort session, of look forward to so it like Washington play, Kyle Shanahan So if said it this is the week case, was that yeah, in yeah. order I mean, for he's Garoppolo just to play, Yeah, he would need to prove he's out on the practice you know what? I field think? that Why? he could move around Everybody and protect likes himself to watch on him that play bank up is because right it ankle, doesn't Obviously take too much so of a stretch It doesn't of the imagination look like that's gonna happen, or to at least picture if it crop load does return You to practice being there would be doing for that that? walk through Because he and I don't is know if that's going just to be enough to a convince Shanahan ordinary, or normal or the team's guy performance staff, so that let him back out is there. And exceptionally if you look at, focused you know well, like on what you said, he does. what what McMullen's But did last you week. know you could pass him on the street And and just the way he and you operates would have the offense killed there you that wouldn't there isn't give him a a whole second. lot Look. of drop off in terms You know of you passed there's a drop me off grapple in Tallinn, on obviously, the street but and there isn't you're a whole lot you're of tugging drop off at your wife's in terms of how arms Mullins that manages refocus the offense because and you run don't want things, to fall enough and the sidewalk, the team But believes he can you know, still be Nick productive. Melissa, So just I Every think the man 40 Niners Yusa. air taking a long term view. He really is, And we had him on the show Similar yesterday, to and he's just what they substance, did with George A likeable kill these and last very couple likely weeks now and that you and know they're saying, everything you about know, we could probably everything afford about him to is give and Garoppolo I look forward another to him week on Sunday. at least So before before before we get Teo getting just back a quick in the question mix. on When the Eagles, the this some schedule more starts to stiffen George up Kendall. in a Sure couple sounds weeks when sounds. you Assad's know they play the optimistic Rams and that he the Patriots he'd be out there and and boy the be Seahawks nice to see and him the again. Packers and all those Yeah, games I coming would think up so, You know, last I'm getting week Garoppolo. he did Healthy limited for that run practice, is probably more important, and that basically particularly consists given how of going the out Eagles there for have looked warm in these ups first and three weeks. individual drills That's not to say that and the Eagles no 11 can potentially on 11 upset work, the 40 Niners. And But yesterday they're it not was a full team go. that So I that's think kind is of is been the putting way that a 40 whole years lot have of approached fear in it the through 40 Niners three games right now, just is that because if a Of how guy they gets play in a the full first week three of weeks practice, and certainly he's their injury going situation. to play. I think they only had one If he's receiver limited on the active and doesn't roster get the practice full practice. today, He's not going to play which is sort of emblematic and of you how know so things far have gone on in the Philadelphia. injury reports. They're you Anybody know, 02 who's and listed one so as far, questionable so On a Friday has not played on the Sunday So My guess is that George Fiddle who was a full ago yesterday will not even appear on the injury report or the status report on Friday, when teams have to say You know out doubtful. Questionable. My guess is that we want even see George Skittles name on That list would be exciting to see. Well, especially is Jordan readout so they you know, we talked it. We talked to. Ah, Nick about Ross Dwell E. I mean, that's it doesn't yet another guy who? The Niners just whether it's Jeff Wilson, Nick Mullins or Ross Welly. I mean, that's that went against the Giants was just a triumph of the personnel department in the depth chart. It Wass in and it's been, You know, it's three years in the making, you know, Think about the team and 2017, especially the team in 2018 that had all the injuries and once they had to dip into the reserves, it was over. And you know whether it was you know those guys coming back and getting better. I mean, what it really is. It's a testament to how well the personnel department and the coaching staff and work together. The personnel Department of the coaching staff gives the personnel department the sketch of what they're looking for. The personnel department goes out and find the right guys. And in in the cases that you mentioned, some of those guys are all the guys you mentioned were undrafted rookies, you know, entered the league undrafted evening throw Emanuel mostly into that mixes well, and then it's up to the coaching staff to say Okay. Yeah, these are the traits we like. Now, let's let's refine them. Let's develop him. And AH, in the case of Mostly. He was cut as a rookie, comes back to the practice squad. Nick Mullins was cut two times as a rookie in his second year, so time's come back to the practice squad. Jeff Wilson's been cut comes back to the practice squad. I'm trying to think with dwell E. If he was on the practice squad, I kind of think he might have been But You know in that In that case, I mean, think about they drafted a guy, The Kaidan Smith from Stanford. And it's in ends up being rushed..

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