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Ninety six follow me on Twitter because I'm leaving in a few minutes to head to California in the you know I'm a hot shot they're gonna drop me right in the middle of the fire yeah that's right now I'm a little nervous about flying in California because I look for work check John held airport and we're flying right there's fire all room there I went to pacing yesterday and I was just wondering why there is pay simple I there is a base and why is it that it be something between the the Benjamin Salem area and Santa Quinn I just can't I have a buffer there it's there but is there I don't know what I just what they're just looked like there were some houses and that's it I mean what what what more do you want did you go to the house support there are things there are things there I couldn't figure out why there wasn't one in Payson road hi well I looked around I said why is this year I don't there are think if they have a hospital I see well learn something new every day I should look into pace and it was originally called Pete to meet creek petite eight petite me yeah take me creek up after chief petite meat and local native American but Brigham Young decided we're not name and stuff after Indians even though Utah's Utah we're gonna change to Payson and so which yes I just wonder why people live there I was we have listeners there all I know I know so I mean I don't find people like I wonder why they're there I've got the mayor of pace in on the phone okay all right and he's going to speak in defense of his city you're running all right okay I mean I'm not I'm not trying to be critical I'm just wondering why it's there why is it there why is anything anywhere what's more I like to just deal with the space in a few hours I want to hear some more of Halloween music weakling due to some more Halloween before we get out here well this is CD player was worth a damn here let me let me go through are all I did find your rob zombie I'm your boogie man yeah the so it's a rob zombie's version.

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