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Ladimir Putin comes here. Yeah, yeah. Okay. That's going to be special. That actually happened Julia. That was real and it was serious. You were in the room. It was stunning. It was stunning. Aaron, I think from the tape, it sounds more like laughter. I think a lot of people when you when you were in the room, it sounded more like gasps kinda turning into laughter. You know, when you're really uncomfortable and you kind of laughed because you don't know what else to do with your face or your voice. I think people were really stunned and poor. Dan Coats was sitting there on stage having to take this information and in front of everybody. It was. It was beyond awkward, especially after a day where we had essentially administration officials saying in so many words that you know this president can bang on, but I have a job to do. I'm trying to defend the constitution. I'm just trying to keep my head down and work and keep my men and women motivated, and then you have this crazy display of just how disconnected the president is from. His own administration. I mean, I mean, Evan, let's just be clear here at the White House new Dan Coats west today, they knew what he was doing at this time. Everybody did right NBC's been promoting it nonstop. Okay. If at the least they didn't know from their own scheduler, they knew they knew Christopher Ray was out there. The director of the FBI. They chose to announce this on Twitter and not tell these guys. There's just no question year. Someone made a choice. No, absolutely. Aaron and look, I I've covered this Aspen security forum over the years and you know these, these top officials before they come out here before they go on the air. They know these things are going to be streamed on on the internet and and broadcast. They make sure they've got. They're talking points all lined up. They brief and make sure that people are briefed beforehand and look. I we say this often, but it's bare. It bears a saying it again that these are not normal times. And so this administration doesn't behave like administrations past. And so this was very much on display here in Aspen today, max coats made it clear today. Putin is in charge. He's in charge of everything that Russia is doing. A lot of MIR Putin is a spy. Let's anyone be confused about these two things coats made it clear here. Yes. The former director of the KGB. Is the one leading their nation. And those people usually don't have the kind of training that our presidents have. I think anybody who thinks that rally ver- Putin doesn't have his stamp on everything that happens in Russia is is misinformed is very clear that virtually nothing happens there of any kind of consequence that Latimer Putin doesn't know about or hasn't ordered. I think we're pretty sure about that. Okay. One person who doesn't seem necessarily sure about that though. Donald Trump max. Here he is. They're going, we'll President Trump p prepared, you know, personal Putin, his KGB in this, you know what? Putin's fine. He's fine. We'll find with people. This he not understand. Does he not care what well or possibly he understands and doesn't care. I mean, I have to commend Dan Coats or speaking the truth, which is in short supply in this administration. But you know, I have to wonder, how is he able to continue working for somebody who disregards his advice and keeps them in the dark and it's not just stand coach. This is true. The entire national security apparatus in the US government which Donald Trump has given the backers and too because he's more eager to work with a lot of MIR Putin than he is to work with the professionals on the US government for SOS to be safeguarding our security. I mean, I think coach's position is untenable, and frankly my voice they him would be don't wait to get fired, quit resigned and principle and speak out against it on that note. You know, what's interesting is that coats and FBI director Christopher Wray both very clearly pushed back against their boss in the past two days, right coats. This is coach today talking about Putin meeting itself. Ray yesterday talking about the special counsel investigation directly taking on Trump very clearly in both cases here they are. Pede asked me how that ought to. Be conducted. I would have suggested a different way. I do not believe special counsel Muller's on witch hunt. All right, joy. Coats, said he'll stay in his job as head of the DNA is long as he has the ability to seek and speak the truth. Ray said, I'm a low key, understated guy, but that should not be mistaken for what my spine has made out of when he was specifically asked to be threatened to resign. Julia is that their way of making it clear we have, we will quit if we need to. You know, this is the second Aspen security forum. I'm I've attended last year. There were also number of Trump administration officials, but it was still kind of early days of this administration and their way of kind of weasling out of this question was to say, you know, I swear to protect not the president, but the constitution and men and women swear note to protect the president, but the constitution, we're going to keep our heads down and do that this year. Things are a lot more pointed a lot more dramatic. The stakes are clearly a lot higher. And so the commentaries a lot more pointed as well from from his own officials. And, and you know, I have to say after after that shocking, you know, watching Dench Dan Coats is shock. You know, whisper went through the room of, you know, how long has he for this job? Yeah, and that's a big question mean, Evan. It comes to the Wall Street Journal reports tonight. Three of the top cyber security officials at the FBI have resigned. That's the word that's being used. Three of them are retired. Hiring? I'm sorry, retiring, it's the word that's being used. What do you make of that in light of the whole conversation today, coach talking about three hundred thousand American lives could be at risk from cyber attack. Right. Well, you know, he's talking to people from the FBI. They say that given the fact that there's so many cyberattacks happening that there's a a great deal of private sector interest in poaching some of these bright minds at the FBI has. But you do obviously, it is a question that is inevitably raised because of the very thing you're talking about, which is whether people need to stand up and essentially speak with their feet, walk out the door. I keep hearing from ficials though in the administration is that they feel that they have a responsibility to stay and to protect their people because if they're if they leave, if they resign, then there's no telling of what the president or somebody else administration will bring in after them. All right. Thank you all very much. And next did the Russians record the Trump Putin meeting secretly. Wait TC who says it's possible post three flips and three days the White House now says, the president does not want Russians to question Americans that Putin wants on Russian soil. Why was this ever under consideration and the breaking news Putin reportedly revealing one crucial thing he talked to Trump about. It happens to be something that the president explicitly did not want you to know about.

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