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Back showing from my little so sure which term stream and then moved to a linear subject breaking of conservation fund and I say great conservation funding because I'm out in recent weeks indicate that for those of us who love the outdoors and love constipation we are going the caught my attention good night conservation one was four percent of the federal budget in nineteen eighty two today is less than one percent of the federal budget thank you Jay the federal budget's gone honest with us wow you with money was also Russian thirty five billion dollars is the number this time out I don't actually think that's right there are studies that we are not seeing that will dictate the actual funding for conservation is more in the early twenty two to twenty four billion with the federal government providing the overwhelming majority of this was staged providing about two three billion on the private sector providing about a billion concert so this is not right usually less than one percent of today's federal budget which is four percent so listen let to frankly a significant change in the way we are able to maintain manage choir and work with the private sector on on conservation interests and while quite simply no other reason all we know we've got a multi billion dollar maintenance backlogs in a national park hello if you've been to our national parks recently Yellowstone Yosemite they're gorgeous the Saudis are not not equal majesty of the place they are there to protect when we created the Yellowstone lodging well somebody he Catherine likable spokeswoman we did sell with like towards providing the American public not only with an incredible experience international parks but also with the experience hospitality and where you could enjoy staying in our national parks the infrastructure from roads facilities lodges offenses everything is in is in decline is because we do not have the money to maintain it through government today work at the same percentage of the federal budget four percent for conservation we were by the numbers that I trust in the scene we would be somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty billion dollars a year as opposed to two to twenty four billion a year at sixty billion dollars a year is is real money and I happen to believe that the best money some of the best money spent on the federal budget is spent on conservation and I'm sure many that doesn't mean it's perfect it doesn't mean this waste there's always ways from come to our state or federal government is just part of the animal and that's not picking on them that's just it's just the way it is there is once what the billion dollars would annualized basis think what that would have met in with me for national force our national parks or beaches all about the recreation we don't have it instead we're going the other way so what is happening is a summation leaders I don't consider myself a conservation leader but a group individuals have been getting together to try to address what are we gonna do about this and they have come up with if you considered on a scale of what I'm talking about eight please sit in a room but it's meaningful they've come up with the notion that we need to have about one point three billion dollars more annually of funding for conservation to begin to address the backlog of maintenance but more than maintenance there's a huge element of management our national parks and national force our BLM lands are all woefully under managed not only over used their underpants so this consortium of transportation industry interests and now legislators looking at how could we possibly get one point three billion dollars a year more conservation than we have now and that would be about a five percent increase over what we're receiving now so it is on me if you will it's on people's minds that we have a we have a serious problem and for those of you who use our state parks our national parks national force you your your keenly aware that things are not being managed to their maximum ability nor are they being maintained another component of this of course is that most of lands in America are privately owned and a lot of land owners want to do good things for wildlife they don't have the expertise years ago the Illinois department of conservation as it was known that have super private lands individuals who would come to your property talk to you about what you could do and I remember my case seeing a letter from the department of conservation is written my father back in the nineteen fifties on our farm in northern Illinois which small farm which was a good description of how you could manage forty acres just forty acres professionals and it was a detailed long letter and referred to all kinds of journals and nineteen fifties in individual came and spent the equivalent of several days with my father designing a plan for presence on forty acres think about that today would never happen you could have four thousand acres and good luck there couple people in the state of Illinois and Jerry Musser is at the very top of this has been that that the department now natural resources a long time coming through that with you this used to be common place used to be able to call the partner natural resources and say I need some help management private lands and you have a private lands man to that's not gonna happen again we don't have the money in the federal level we did we did a great deal more of that than we than we do now to the park to natural resources conservation service is still there but it's a shell of what it wants so private land owners who want to manage wildlife after now employ private companies nothing wrong with that private companies to come and tell them how to manage wildlife into the management for the there's absolutely nothing wrong with that what it shows is that our tax dollars which only increased are not providing the services for conservation that they once did the state almost all of them back on their ability to work with private landowners and and and the manager land so the alternative is you hire private company that's great except now you're paying twice you pay your taxes to the parkland natural resources in the state of Illinois in Houston lance manager now you pay your taxes the state only okay services that you have to go out and hire a company to do the work that you already paid for for your taxes so I think what we're facing a dilemma on and we're facing really across the country is a change and that's saying it's bad I'm just saying that wildlife management is headed in the direction of being privatized which is an absolute answer to the people at state from the federal government but it's currying because they no longer are doing the job that they once did so if you think about that number I mentioned a few minutes four percent of the federal budget in nineteen eighty one to conservation and Chris less than one percent of today on equal basis today we're getting about twenty two to twenty four million billion dollars conservation spending much of that to the department of agriculture in nineteen eighty two had we had the same numbers that would be in today we still have four percent of the federal budget that number would be over eighty billion dollars we are getting shortchanged folks the need to pay all kinds of social costs and and legacy costs have eaten in by seventy five percent of the funding it once went to conservation to protect our natural resources it's a bad situation it's going to get worse and what's going to be the result is the increase decrease privatization of management an increase in the crease in ability to properly manage our state and federal lands and in Illinois if you're heading out to all the claims this fall behind you're gonna notice if you've been going for many years I have they just despite the best efforts of the people who are actually on that land doing the best job they care they don't have the resources we don't have the equipment that they once did our public lands in Illinois are are poorly maintained at best so it's not a commentary on only it's happening across the country even becoming states out west they are also finding that their revenues are being compromised because of funds being siphoned off for her legacy costs Wesley on that subject watch the decline of Goodman Robertson sales revenues from the sale of firearms it continues to go on note the Obama administration is not a political statement but now that the Obama administration is now three years the gun sales in America have declined dramatically and the result is less revenue for crystallography so that's about it on the great outdoor show this morning I hope you enjoy it in the last thirty seconds you shall be glad you were not in rock Laker Bismarck North Dakota Winnipeg anywhere along the northern line this.

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