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Is someone who had lived through the nineteen sixty four quake. And so he lost his home while the rest of the country is certainly watching with concern. And we wish you the best and certainly hope other turn out to be no casualties. Laurie. Townsend. Thank you very much. Thank you, Judy. In the day's other news Marriott announced that hackers have broken into the data banks of its hotel empire. The breach affects up to five hundred million guests at hotels once run by Starwood and now owned by Marriott. It could involve credit card and passport numbers and other information. We'll discuss the implications later in the program. Ukraine escalated its standoff with Russia today closing its border to all Russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty years old president petro, poorer shaneco said he wants to prevent more fighters from joining rebels already in eastern, Ukraine. This follows Sunday's confrontation in the Kerch strait when Russian border guards seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and twenty four sailors. In Brussels street battles broke out today at a protest over rising, fuel prices and high taxes hundreds of people's rally wearing high visibility yellow vests, some threw rocks and torched a police car police fired tear gas and high-pressure hoses officials condemn the violence. But protesters insisted they'd be heard. Detects all the government does is create taxes. They are outside the world. They don't know what the price of bread is. They don't even know what it's like to pay their bills themselves and the people here the yellow vest. We are just saying that we're fed up the protests were organized to copy ongoing demonstrations in France against increase fuel taxes. Tens of thousands of farmers marched on India's parliament today appealing for better crop prices and debt relief. The crowds carried banners and signs and some held human skulls. Symbolizing a stunning three hundred thousand farmers suicides in the last two decades. They demanded action by prime minister Narendra Modi. Prime minister Modi said he will bring.

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