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We're going to have an absolutely amazing time. Don't worry about going alone people who go alone, meet lots of friends. It's a great great time, you know, and because we're not playing the gay card. So if you don't come to see us on pry, that means you just, you don't support gay people. So we just it's just out there. We've already we've, we've drawn that line. And then on Saturday, we'll see a bunch of you guys, a few hundred of you guys, Minneapolis excited about that. Now, the other thing about our torn news that we just put some new shows on sale last week, Indianapolis and New York City, New York City sold out, like sold. How like before I didn't even make it to the general public on sale, so we added a second date. So we have a second show for New York City, late show. That's already mostly sold out also. So if you wanna see us in New York, you really have to hop onto that one, because we are not gonna be adding any more shows Indianapolis is still on sale. And then next month, we're going to Cleveland and we're going to Baltimore and then timber we're going to Nashville. So we have tons of shows for you to come. See us. We're announcing a new one tomorrow pretty much be announcing a new on every single week for the next few weeks. So we're really excited about that. And all those tickets all that information is at watch crap dot com where you can also get merchandise, Ronnie, telling about the merchandise. We have team, L VP shirt. Shirts and. Oh, Runda and Montigny mad as well as just regular watcher crap inserts me can even buy them for your baby. And he doesn't wanna baby walking around with a MARTINI shirt. Yeah, it's great messaging, and, you know, like, you know, I know the fact that we have a team L VP shirt and not a team. Everybody else shirt makes us seem incredibly bias. But guess what? We're a podcast, we're not news. So we're allowed to be biased. Everyone sorry. Sorry. He'll survive it. I wasn't going do when with the same picture of LV with a big mino- sign on it. You know, like a no smoking, blackout thing, but I was just too lazy to load it. Yeah, that's fine. Let us know. We'll do anything for many were like that's true. That's true. If we see that there's a demand for it will be will we will. Like if someone wants us to do like summer ch-, that's, like a picture of a chimney with a bird on, it would like shore. Give me ten dollars. I'll totally like I'm in for the bird on the chimney, sir. I'm in. I'll do anything anything for love and also doing to video, recaps a week this week. We're going to do real housewives Beverly Hills, and we're going to do below dick, mid premier. So is or are we doing summer house, actually? You know what, why don't we do the summer house finale that we have happy for summer? So why don't we just wanna just do what we we'll do Beverly Hills and some house open. So we record those at noon Pacific time, and you can find those at crap on demand over on patriot and thanks. Everybody's supports us on patriarchy letter. Now, let's get into some of these, and also if you don't live stream them, you can also catch all the videos. We've got forty something up there now so good job. It's a lot. Yeah. But you know what we are we, it's a Monday? We are ready to dive into this week. And we're going to start the week off with real house on the Potomac, which is in New Orleans, conveniently timed for the. Premiere of southern charm, New Orleans, which we're gonna talk about in the bonus this week. Yeah. Yeah. I made it sound like I had more to say, but I didn't, but you're going to keep going. I've just growing through looking at what, what this episode was, this is basically, you know, for tamra Barney, when she became Christian, and then we had to, like, wait a couple years for her to return to Satan. Yeah. Just lasted five minutes. I mean. She. Her nice girl. I act lasted literally like seven minutes long. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Just doesn't have an ice girl..

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