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Weapon take kelly high in a number of local authority areas and we were concerned about that does that mean that special educational provision remade there are many kinds of special provisions in the system alternative provisions special schools and units within mainstream schools making sure that that's coherent and provides the right kind of education for every child your report also highlights an interesting thing and in increasing number of illegal schools you say which tgf m conservative at religion office often m conservative christian jewish and muslim faith schools yes west we're seeing more more of these we have a team which investigates and inspects where where we find scott schools operating that and not registed mostly they are faith related some of them are various kinds of alternative provisions that hasn't recognize that it fits the criteria for school this is a real challenge for us because we don't have a strong enough definition of a school in law to be able to characterize some of these establishments are schools and we don't have enough powers to collect evidence because it's very important that we already illegal schools are operating the action is taken and that's the responsibility of the department for education and you're worried over here by the educational standards there but also about the religious conservatism that spain taught indeed we have found some very worrying books materials in in in these deep these kinds of establishments a book books encouraging misogyny violence to win two two women teaching teach teaching boys and girls that with that women must consent to sex with her husband's we up we are.

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