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It wasn't there it wasn't bear gold right it was a bear tesla's oreo or one my iphone earth's no who with their values the values and the thing as shifty for me is that it is one thing to have a grave father but it's another big when you become arab as you though i became a bad i gave birth to my son in phoenix brown and when i looked into his eyes something changed in me forever i knew that it wasn't just about playing it safe and doing what i could to give by but every child matters every child deserves the same opportunities that i grew up with and it's time for us to keep on carrying the torch i love it i love it that's awesome i can definitely say the shift in as for sure so journalists lee can you share with us a few strategies that you implement into your life to become a great leader world yes first of all let's talk about this idea of becoming a great leader okay so i'm in in california and this is the home of a ministry that we combat umbrella bout here make up you know the makeup artist sir i made artists are their whole job is to to to make people to bring up the stars to make you look the best to on on the outside so that you could grow you know glow in front of the camera but when you are a leader you are not a makeup artists this is not so you can cover up all your flaws and act like there's no skeletons in your closet we all make mistakes but guess what when you are serving leader you have an obligation to be a wakeup artist yes yes yes you are wakeup artist you have to wake up the people with letting them know the realities yes it is tougher than it was baby back then it was tougher than it was so times ago there when you share from when you go from agriculture to industrial economy there's going to be a turning in a shift thousands of jobs are going to be lost thousands of new jobs are going to be made the.

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