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AllState skyline studio. Joining me is regular contributor to the show, Dr Charles Turk who is writing sidecar tonight. And also joining us tonight. It's comedian doing Kennedy who wants to know Charles why the show is no longer called pretty late with Patti Vasquez because, because, well, the net the net is that you moved into our earlier. I don't know. I let's pretend like it did because, you know then puts you in power. But yeah, but you move to a couple of hours earlier than that just before that. So it was it for a while. It wasn't earlier show at seven o'clock, with Andrea darlas show with Andrea darlas. So that was at seven sometimes unless there was a Blackhawks game or White Sox game in which case we were on, after that, from eleven pm to one am. And, but it wasn't always late. Okay. Sometimes late. All right. Right. And then what was this the last summer, we moved I was on from seven to eleven sometimes or which was not a good name for the show either seven to eleven sometimes is not great. Although I thought maybe I should have called on my show up. Yeah. So you pretty late was a fun title. And I thought of it when I thought I love, I mean, we're comics. We're used to late hours. So I thought, if I ever want to try to get like a talk show pretty late is already built into the brand, right? But then I thought, well, I don't need to be on at night all the time. So maybe someday, I won't be on just at night. So just Patti Vasquez. Yeah. You could be pretty pretty early. I don't even pretty his paddock. Yeah. Well, and so pretty late then caused a whole bunch of conversations and social media. Oh, she thinks he's pretty as one as the bad thing to think that you are pretty right. Like somehow that makes me in my humble. But here's I mean, I grew up thinking I was ugly. So if I grew up, and I think that I'm I don't know. So very complicated. I did. I thought it was likely when I was a kid. Oh, you know what? I I was showing I was flying. Charles. I read my diary on stage the other day. And yeah, I thought that there was a whole Vivian within that page say that. I just want someone told me that I'm ugly fat or that is true. Who statement I was thirteen man. So when did that start to change for you? When, when poise pretended like they like me. I guess. Employs pretending right now. I know I started dating more. I mean after high school. I mean I look at my high school reunion my ten year high school reunion. One of the football players said, wow. You must have been a late bloomer..

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