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Thiss isn't my talk Dirt alert update A quick look at what's happening in entertainment on my talk. Tell me something good. Well, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are engaged. Blake popped the question to Glen and Oklahoma and posted a picture of the ring on Instagram with the caption pay Gwen Stefani. Thanks for saving my 2020 and the rest of my life. Oh, they have been dating since 2015. Yeah, well, President that happened earlier. What does she previously married to a musician that Bush? Gavin Ross? Dale Evans has some kids with them? Maybe they just want to make sure it was right. You know, before the Blend their family. Yep, That's true, And I'm sure it was really hard, hurtful when you's he goes off with the nanny, and then you know, Yeah, relationship did. Oh, that's crazy. That's greasy part for Yes, that was your best bubbles impersonation there. Keith Rainier. He's the leader of that sex cold Nexium. Maybe you've seen the vow on Netflix. Ah, it's AH documentary about that. That's just pretty fascinating, well. He has been sentenced to 120 years on sex trafficking charges. Good 60 years old, and he was a self help guru guru. He advised millionaires and Hollywood stars, including Seagram's heiress Claire Bonner. Brawn from Braun for men that's hard to say. Informer. Smallville actress Allison back, both of whom have been charged, was accused of turning female cult members into sex slaves, including one member who was just 15 years old at the time. So they had to brand themselves with. AM kidding. No, it It is so crazy if you want to watch a really weird I mean, this is like all involved in a cult and not know it's a cold. I'm kind of like really, but it is pretty disturbing. Yes, All right. Something's hit.

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