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His wife reportedly welcomed their second child together a baby boy ng to sources telling all the magazine the couple have been bonding with her new baby at their house just outside of New York City for the record Richard Gere is seventy years old well the seventh wife is how no I mean if she handed the I'd be like wow okay well that's technically technically well he's a geriatric and technically still with her pregnancy right that's true that's just that's science acts yeah all right well the sanitizer on keeping the social dissent from that story exactly well wouldn't you know food god Jonathan J. on himself what's he up to now is the time for the thirsty celebrities y'all he's joining stars like Robert De Niro Drake and Leonardo DiCaprio I am here the write those words only time his name will be near those words yeah he's adding his name to the all in challenge now the band formerly known as Jonathan J. bond exclusively announced to page six today but he'll be giving a fan the opportunity to dine with him at a restaurant in New York City Los Angeles Miami or Chicago when restaurants were you know like this is like you know why Sunday you're gonna come in here and I'm gonna take you all over town and you know full well you ain't never coming to town you are promising what you will not deliver this thing going well he's going to give the winner a thousand dollars to spend at a restaurant to use at their leisure now some of the restaurants you can pick from included Nobu Craig's chip Brianti fancy restaurant I just want to say I think this thing won't even go for a thousand dollars I think he might lose out on that should we yes exactly thank you finally I know we mention this in the last hour but let's just mention it again Britney spears and boyfriend Sam Asghari is taking a jog do you think we're kidding Google yeah yeah okay it's still fighting their guards prime minister yes Sir yeah we need to find that photo and something with it okay please alright in the meantime that's all the dirt we have this hour so.

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