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Split up ten seven. White media's always harping on black people being like hateful towards asians and i'm like you know that's true but i don't like how you guys like this. Our she like this. The meanwhile beating you up in the back. I love them so much. Stabbed me shift me. Yeah no i know but obviously my answer is i. Don't feel it that kind of way. Obviously yeah no. We're friends about you. Brain yeah i don't i don't feel that but i will. I will say that there are times where let's say a fan will be like i love your podcast and then they'll just like out of nowhere. Just bring up like yeah you guys as podcast way more than they should not. How why are you turning this competition thing. It's it's white. Supremacist mindset right. But honestly i. it wasn't until i people would like voice their support or like how they like the podcast where. I think that our audience demographics are kind of like yes. there's a lot of overlap. but there's differences. There's a lot of overlaps allies. It's not like it's not like if you listen to us one hundred percent. Listen to because. I always you know if it's appropriate. I'll definitely give a shout out to your guys. And we met at asian asian podcasts. You should definitely check it out. And they're like oh. I haven't heard of that. I'm like well that's like this. I guess there isn't as much over. I've i've also met people who are like you dress like you'd be into feeling he's in there like i've never heard of it. You know it's interesting. Yeah i do think different. I do think our demos are different. Because a girl said mike me once. Podcast wasn't feeling asia. I was like why i i was just curious. Why like hey. I like that. I like that break dance fighting. Hit spin nowhere. I got this. I asked him why was legit cares. Because i listen to your pocket. I think it's great and i didn't. I feel like if you if you like our podcast. Enjoy both s okay to. It's curious just from a market research standpoint. What violent here. I want to hear but i have my own opinion and this was just one person but she said that it was too emotional for her for very emotional. People don't want to. I enjoy it. Because i'm a comedian. I like going there. I like crying. And but i could see like. Oh hey asians not a model that some people some agents. I know i'm such a market research nerve like you in that aspect where sometimes people be like. I can't listen to all the episodes. Like i pick and choose and i'm like that's not good. That's good for every episode. I feel that that all the ultimately has to really come down to do they. Do they like the energy that you're putting out. You know what i'm saying. And i sometimes wish that because what i think you guys do better than us is that you guys. Are you guys kind of like feature yourselves more. Do you know what i'm saying. Like this is all about us and our journey and of course you have guests and stuff like that. But it's like you know this is like sort of your process we're going through your processes you're putting it out there for us. You know we. I think our a lot orphans really like our thing we've got going on but then like you know we have a lot of guests and stuff like that and sometimes i guess kinda like bring their shit and we kind of get lost in the shots this is. This is a very balanced conversation. But we have a guest. We don't know it's sometimes they take over and we don't know what i tell your story about your dad go ahead. It's fine but like the thing with interviews is that you'll come like the only marc maron. I've ever listened to the one with. Oh bob on it right right. I didn't come back to any other ones. you know. so that's kind of like the game you play. You may get a bigger number because you had some like awesome guests. But then you don't get to feature your personality and then people don't like they don't get don't get the sample and fumie flavor. I think that for well like just you saying that makes me feel ashamed. Like what am i dealing. Why am i losing a bad way. Just me my own chip. But i think that brian i talked about this. This is a big asian. Asian people are taught to non of an ego ego. Don't make room for yourself. And then and then the act weird and then they're like that. I love if you hold it down and go sideways. Then they become like your ego. Whoa because everyone is a natural. Like if you hold a weed down. Just korean thing. And i think i heard in america. It's like you walk a. We'd like a growing instead of growing up. it'll just grow sideways. gonna stop growing. So if you push down your ego you're gonna become a fucking weirdo and be like go online and tell women like. Why are you wearing a bikini you than everyone because you're not giving room for your own ego. I think that's a big problem in asian communities true. You're taught not to have ego. But the egos natural. It's like your liver you can't make it go away. So like not you unlike indulge in it like a fucking narcissist and. I don't think we do that but you should. But there's nothing wrong with making room for yourself. And like if and i'm just going to talk about myself and if you don't wanna listen. That's totally understandable. If you wanna talk about yourself you should do that but that has nothing to do with me talking about myself and we should work on getting rid of the shame of that and i think by doing is like the way to show other asians at. It's okay like i. M whatever like i'm like an asian woman and i don't give a shit i'm gonna talk. I'm not gonna feel ashamed about it. Even though i do like the message. Brian i talk about how it fox us up because we feel shame the law. But i think that's important for asians to see that. Yeah i totally agree right. Took the words right out of my mouth or is just do like a solo episode. A lot of it comes out and think eighty percent of that a twenty percent. Who don't listen when it's just us or like i don't like donald just lower when we really lonzo because i feel like we noticed ours are like the same or higher there was was like they like the solo episodes. But i'm weird. Like what the fuck would anyone wanna listen to it. We try and get worried. Why would anyone listen to my shit. And i think that's kind of like the whole thing with what you said. Yeah making making yourself small. And that's not healthy. Obviously like a raging nurses. But like we're not that we were working so hard against being taught us children that we don't matter that like even if we like overcompensate that which were not. there's no way. I'm going to end up on the other and i'm not going to become donald trump because i have a you know what i mean. That's just like you're not gonna kind of mental illness. That i just don't write your teaching us about so much man me yourself. Peavy myself masturbated two months..

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