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The calls including this one michael calling from east rockaway michael you're on the fan what's happening oh steve schmos yes michael audit to be the leadoff batter on your show usually have been another to hold like i was in high school and in college the head with the with the hardball too many times you have a very good onbase percentage will have you leadoff he worked the count locked account your monologue scape was still classic hobby a resurrection cincinnati wouldn't that be something if he winds up in the bronx his hometown team or on the other hand he might wind up i was talking to friends and long beach yesterday the boardwalk maybe he'll wind up with boston what steve longtime metropolitan sandra's your what they might just have a fire sale if they continue to go through that downward spiral orig everybody's expendable you now but that's a good good scenario with harvey who knows i i wish him well in future years and he may have what it takes you change of scenery and nothing like new york steve because someplace come to town they drive in other plays get run out a rail you know so i'm sure the like yourself a lot of metropolitan fans would probably wink wink love to see him in the bronx or see him in washington kevin is calling for milford kevin you're on the fan thank you for the tv how you doing mitch you a hell beverly plumbing problem yeah no everything is fine also not this last week what does that kevin on the no turtlenecks this last week with the humidity well that's right my question is also about what do you think i hope something man aniko and of course i i was talking earlier today with somebody here at the station about cabrera i don't like with the hugging i don't like he wants to be friends with everybody on every other team the bottom line is he wants to talk to the fiery onesided to talk to the catcher he wants to be friends with everyone buddies.

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