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Or lying down. Which ever you prefer. Mmm once you get comfortable. Let's rest our hands on our legs and put our palm species into this is allowing us to be open to receive. Whatever it is that we need to receive during this visualization. Let's relax a little by taking a deep breath in an out and out when on one more breath in an hour. Now we're going to think about a time recently where we experienced having anxiety when you in a crowded store ring driving. Was it for no apparent reason? Obviously there can be other scenarios here are just some examples. I want you to go ahead and pick share everything that happened in that moment. What was it you were doing? How did you look? Who else was with you if anyone what is it all look like how did your anxiety feel during that moment. I want you to feel how it felt a now. We're going to work on releasing that feeling invite he can come from a number of sources.

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