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I'm doing really well. Congratulations on getting this big opportunity to headline the prelims on ESPN against the beat. This is a big deal. And obviously, I'm sure you're well aware of the hype surrounding beat when when you were offered this fight how how aware were you of what he had done this, far and all the people talk like we're familiar that. This was kind of the guy that everyone was saying was a future champion, or did you learn after the fact? Yeah. Actually would always down in Orlando when I fought Josh Emmett, you know, always getting ready for the the ceremonial weigh ins, Mark de LA Guardia and Shelby were coming over talking to me. And you know, we mentioned that kid, and I said, hey after I take care of Josh. I'd love to go to Russia heard. You guys are going to Russia and Mark Dillard, groti smiled and looked. He's like, man, you're crazy. He's gotta fight a head of you. And you're talking about another five he's like, that's just you. I guess, and you know, I feel like a lot of people are turning down this kid fighting this kid me. I look at it totally different best. I get my hands a hold of him. Now before he gets the actual fight. Experience actually starts fighting some of the guys in in gaining that fight you to a whole 'nother level. I don't feel like he's fighting anybody like me such as myself. I don't think he ever will. And it's gonna be my time Kamar second chance prove to everybody in the world. Have you watched a lot of tape on him? Particularly don't watch tape on him. I've seen him fight before. I law my coaches to put in the work, and I just focus on what I'm gonna do. I know what he's what is capabilities, and what what is best assets are, I know, I know him. I can see him. I've seen him. I felt I can feel it, you know. So it's it's it's almost my time. You I believe him. I put my trust in my coaches. That's where my outward focus goes when I looked to figure out an opponent. I let my co Jerry Guelph gyro the head coach had alliance figure that out for me. And let my coaches just put me into the mission of what I'm going to do what I'm going to implement my game plan and run right through them based off of what you have seen from him this for are. You impressed. Yeah. Of course, I respect everybody. Who steps inside the octagon? Do I feel like he's got what it takes me? Absolutely. Not you know. Of course, you know. I'm always going to be headed one way. My opponents going to be headed the other way. And we're we're going to collide I feel like if we collide he's gonna fill the steel, and he's an aluminum type car, and I'm gonna run right through Mike. I said, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity to fight such a talented young man, a Russian somebody. I've never really thought before and his style. So I'm looking forward to the challenge. And I'm gonna welcome it. And he's going to really feel what it's like to be in there with somebody like me, I knew you say that you you haven't watched a lot on him or spectating new your coach does a lot of that. But in terms of what you know, what you've talked about in terms of the holes in his game that you're looking to explode because everyone's glowing about him. But we don't talk a lot about his holes have you pinpointed holes. And if so can you share some of them with us? Yeah. You know, I have no problem opening up holes in his game. He lacks a lot of just basics, basic boxing, basic setups. You know, he likes to do the flashy stuff. But you know, can you really do that for fifteen minutes and be spending around fifty minutes. I doubt it and there's gonna be opportunities to exploit that feel like he has been exploited in some of his fights..

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