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Get your podcasts 12 18 way of traffic and weather on the AIDS and Rita Kessler in the W. T o p traffic center in Maryland Watch for delays on east down. I 70 trying to head toward to 70 with the accident activity involving the rollover vehicle that was along the left side of the road ways. Stay to the right to get by. After that, it looks good trying to head into Newmarket. Ifyou're on south bound to 70 the earlier delays getting past 85 E's so anything that was there, she Be out of the roadway. Then it's a good trip headed toward the lane. Divide onto the Beltway North 1 24 near Booth Street. It was a single right lane getting by the crash. If you're trying to travel across the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge, you may find delays along three a one. Either way, they're alternating traffic to get across the bridge and westbound 15 year rabble of our that had been the scene of a vehicle Fire Watch for any response. Still there in the district, South bound D. C. Tu 95 heavy before headed toward Benning Road north bound in the third Street tunnel delays headed Bonding New York Avenue on Benning Road itself. It is outbound or eastbound on Benning Road after Oklahoma Avenue. A single lane gets you by the crash in Virginia, The George Washington Parkway sing a little bit of a slowdown getting past 1 23 watch for anything that may have happened there on 66 eastbound. The earlier delays from the Fairfax County Parkway, actually westbound from the Fairfax County Parkway toward 28 have eased on 28 itself. South Bend is still slow through Eleanor. See Lawrence Park headed towards 66, where we may have some work. And North 2030 for business Suddenly road at 66. It was a single lane getting by the crash. BMC Software and D lt Solutions are here to help federal agencies get the solutions they need with this kind of year end offerings. Visit www dot d lt dot com backslash BMC Solutions to Learn more I'm Rita Kessler w T o p traffic And to storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets, lots of clouds around today and some showers pushing their way through the region. We're going to keep a chance of showers just about any time today,.

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