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This has been my dream as a kid and I wanted to accomplish that it was nothing that my parents ever gave me but it was some they'll set my mind that I wanted to chief myself. So I'm going to give it to my children and she'll them would hardworking dedications about so they could achieve same type of things you know my oldest son Jacob. He's like Dad I'm getting into business I. Don't want to be a fighter I. Say thank you. So I was really happy said that but once again, it comes down to education and they're learning the right things and they're not getting doctored by colleges of of them trying to teach got socialism or anything like that. That is a huge word that I never really understood until I got older and then once I got older I started educating myself on it to realize how GNARLY. Those things are so as all the fathers out there, just make sure you do the right thing and it feels like it's wrong. There's probably wrong but teach your children manners, teacher shelter in respect values What holds de to your heart you know, of course, God above what we call our hearts also. You know I just just trying to do the right thing. You know I make mistakes I, never make a mistake twice I don't plan on making any mistakes but at the end of the day is just to be responsible parent responsible father sponsor mother, but a responsible family, a nuclear family that each household in America needs to keep this freedom. When he keeps this this country safe and a is going to do it and as a father I'm going to do it for my city for my children and for my community. Extremely, well, said I love the message. This is really been an honor for me Tito Ortiz you your first class father all the way. Thanks for coming back to I founded of course, man I appreciate. Thank you very much and I'll fathers out there. You can do it on mothers out there keep doing it. I'll families out there keep doing it. I believe in you. We all believe in you. Keep America. Great. Thank you man appreciate it..

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