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Rate show. I'm Mary Walker returns colony. Always as a method is not always a great show, but today is going to be particularly spectacular. Okay. Yeah, we'll dial it up to eleven players saying, thank you very much. Remember, the February summit between Kim Jong own the leader of North Korea, and the president of the United States in Hanoi. Vietnam. It ended early. It ended early. The president walked away from the table. North Korea wants us to lift the sanctions in order for them to cooperate further. Our position is no, no, no. You denuclearize will lift the sanctions. We've been pretty clear on that the United States and North Korea negotiated, of course, a head of the summit as, as we often do with, with any world leader summit, you've got negotiators. We're having these conversations before the leaders themselves get together. Now, typically in a non Trump administration, all of this is decided before the president meets the other world leader with very few things left to guesswork, but Donald Trump, there's quite a bit that's left to guesswork because he likes negotiating himself. So he comes in. He sits down with Kim Jong UN, and he decides that Kim is not giving him the things that he wants. And he says, that's okay. We're gonna walk away and ended in ended much sooner than expected. They cut it a day early and the president headed home to the United States, Kim Jong UN back on earth. Korea. Now. Just to give you a sense of how little, we know typically always in the public space about what's going on inside North Korea. Yeah, the only wonder it was all guesswork, what happened in the wake of that summit among the North Korean officials who left a failed meeting with the president of the United States until now. We're talking February. So how many months amid the math March April May June. We're looking at almost four months now shoes off. Yes. My shoe back on almost four months. Now that we don't really know what was, what was transpiring. And now we're all of a sudden getting the reports and Mary it is about as brutal as you'd expect from from North Korea headline from Reuters, North Korea executes on Voy. In a purge after failed US summit. Executes its on Voy. Fox News referring that North Korea has executed five officials five officials for their part in the failed second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong UN, according to a South Korean newspaper. Kim Yuk shawl. Reuters reports was executed in March at Miramar airport in Pyongyang along with four foreign ministry executives after they were all charged with spying for the United States. How about that? The summit doesn't end. Well, they're just charged with spying that all executed five of them the that's according to the chosen Yibo, I'm getting the depreciation. Right. And their report out of South Korea, citing an unidentified source with knowledge of the situation. Quote of Kim hill shawl he was accused of spying for the United States for poorly reporting on the negotiations without properly grasping US, intentions, Bloomberg is reporting that, that, that guy Kim hawks shoal was executed by firing squad for being, quote, one over by the American imperialists to betray the supreme leader. Notice nothing and says fault. Nothing is ever his fault. Kim gentleman's fault. It's always someone else's fault. So these five guys in it's so it was so bad, what they did to him. He executed them firing squad in North Korea is actually humane compared to some of the other things that they heard some horrid, right, like his uncle's fed to dogs alive. Yeah. At some of these things. But then there's this Reuters includes a stipulation in this report. And this again, is all about the hermit kingdom. What little we know North Korea. Publicly Reuters, unable to independently confirm this report, previously, some North Korean officials have reportedly been executed or purged only to reappear with a new title. Oh, no. So occasionally, these reports are wrong. That's the stipulation they be body doubles, because that's not beyond them. I don't think I mean at some point you don't know. Yeah. I guess you don't know. But at some point it just gets ridiculous. You're like, really? US State Department officials said they have no information to confirm this spokeswoman at South Korea's unification ministry declined to comment on official the presidential Blue House in Seoul, said it was inappropriate to comment on the issue. It should I be verified dip a diplomatic source told Reuters that there were signs that Kim, Yuk shawl and other officials were punished for the breakdown of the summit. Such as by being sent to a labor camp for reeducation, but there was no evidence they were executed and that's his top aide. Kim Yong Cole who is reportedly undergoing hard labor for his role, and he was the one who is pictured in the right house. With president who I was mentioning Kim Yok was the lead negotiator with the United States. This is Kim Yong Kim Yong. Yes, is Kim Jong wounds. Right hand, man. Yes. And he's the guy who's met with secretary of state. Mike Pompeo and the president of the United States, there's photos of him in the Oval Office visiting with the president, and that was on January. Eighteenth of this year? Delivering a letter from Kim Jong UN the two of them seem to standing together you mentioned him. He's been sent to labor. Reeducate hard labor, which is a death sentence in North Korea because they, they don't feed you then off note don't feed anybody. And they just work you to death. That's what that is. Now, I did see also that the that Kim Jong UN's translator who was involved in the meeting. Apparently got a single single word wrong or something. He was responsible for a mistranslation during the meeting. He has been sentenced to hard labour think about this. Just. I would never want to work in that regime. Right. You never want to work in that regime, because if anything goes wrong, whether it's your fault, or not you're going to be executed. And you hope that it's by firing squad because any other way is going to be terrible and horrible. So you have two choices in life. You sit and you you till the land, and you become you lead this horrible, life of a peasant, and you search for food every single day. And it's just a miserable horrible existence. And, or the only other way to get out of it is to work for the government. But if you work for the government fed to dogs, the next day, if anything goes wrong, whether it's your fault or not think of the choices that those people and it, does it once again. Ratifies the idea that this guy's just a brutal disgusting dictator. And we have to do everything we can to, to obviously, to mitigate the problems for the United States, which includes a nuclear arm North Korea. That's the key for us. There's so many more problems, of course, for his own people. And you wonder to what extent Mike Pompeo and the guys were negotiating for the United States will try and make a precondition to further negotiations that nothing like that happens, again, we need, we need consistent ago. She with consistent people in order to advance this, and even if there are misunderstandings in the process, you can't execute your people..

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