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Right. Andy is available free. Shipping sixty nine bucks on amazon emma's on tomorrow oh well oh well hong kong post hong kong post. I'm not gonna be what i'm <hes>. Uh so little that's from that's from amazon air pods silicone shock proof air pods with cara beaner case. They always always have the longest names on amazon. It's redo those keywords s._e._m. Girls teens air pods what boys teens airports can't have these. No no no boys allowed. He's all over her simba if you're lion king dining against him but i think a kid lana taught these really cute is that <hes> skurdal my god skurdal earlier i would have ganger ginga is great for jim. Defense mr rene ritchie your pick of the week okay so this is something i saw on peter mckinnon's youtube channel a little while ago and it's for a canadian best spoke handcrafted leather goods maker acre. It's just a guy who sits there as we're seeing and knocks out one piece at a time when the order comes in its pre makes it and i immediately ordered. This is the <hes> <hes> wallet clip home that he says there's a long lead time although this came pretty quickly but he also has youtube videos up where he shows how now he makes each and every one of these products in the latest ones. There's not even any audio you just talking you. Just hear him making them and i was entranced. I just watched video after video because it's such beautiful beautiful craftsmanship and i know that you can get titanium and all sorts of wallets yeah but this is just it's again. It's it's it's one dude in ontario knocking these things out one at a time the way i imagine they've been made since the early days of dungeons and dragons so i think as i said i immediately ordered them right away so there's a why did they make ipod ipad covers as well. It's all just beautiful beautiful stuff <hes> king let me see your englishman's and which you get this one little clip yeah and against i've been using yeah and then you can put your brand new apple carton exactly and all the different tools that they use is just so amazing. This is notable well. I wonder if i can get this on him. I know i can i suggest a little like just courtesy rule that anytime you're picking. The week is going to be something. That's individually handmade upon order. Just give the rest of us a heads up before we livestream <hes> <hes>. It's gonna be a long long time. They do take google pay and pay pal but not the apple pay this. This is exactly exactly the sort of thing that i i like spending extra money for it because a wallet is just something that is every single morning. The first thing i do is touched this thing and put it in the pocket whatever pants i'm wearing and so i like for that thing to be well may to show its age very very well to be like one of those constant things that doesn't change each and every day a acting sorta count on it and also knowing that it's is being handmade by someone who put a lot of thought into it. It just makes you feel pretty good. Doesn't it yeah it's mesmerizing watching him. Make a race between this wallet and my hong kong posted flash. This is an expensive show for me. Invalid king goods dot com this really sweet. That's really nice yeah bought it. Don't show that <music> such a sucker. You can see why i had to kill my instagram account. I can't i just like mr impulse. Buy your apple cards. Gonna look so so interesting. It'd be the rainbow ladies gentlemen apple your apple couldn't it wasn't neither one allowed me to use my apple cart. Sad had to say i have still not used it by with my phone doesn't seem to work that concludes oh i did. I should show this because this was a rene recommendation that i bought a couple of weeks ago. This really is nice to terabyte samsung portable s._s._t. S._d. thunderbolt three now it's pricey but except when you think that this is a thunderbolt three m dot two two terabyte drive for eight hundred.

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