Flu Vaccine, Brian Bowen discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


They made it they made it hard for you to still a vaccine company if any other vaccines gave you sickness or or maybe word or harm you another reason to be suspicious. but no one even thinks about that they just think well you know you're you're just making my kid sick will know if they got the vaccines are gonna get sick from my kid and get the vaccine at that if that's how it's supposed to work it won't happen it doesn't mean that I read them work anyway right their marketing is it was over the top because I remember it was either two thousand three or four they were talking about vaccines get your vaccine flu vaccine also they wanted we ran out we don't have any. and everybody got scared need piled into get their vaccines and they just mysteriously all of a sudden had all these millions of vaccines here we go I found them now if you remember that yeah and I thought what if they got it with fear on I'm not going to get a flu vaccine. it pushed to the needle over the top and that's kind of funny a push the needle over the top the next thing you know everybody's getting a flu vaccine and they're all happy they probably feel that are just you know I I I I just don't get this and I don't know if anybody can apply logic here without getting all it worked up in the political aspects is because it was again a political football is the vaccines when in reality there is no other side because you can go on the internet and you look up you know vaccines as all pro vaccine there's no questioning of the ingredients so question via other administered no questioning the efficacy nothing's question it's always just get your vaccine shut up and get it or else we're going to put you in jail really keep your kids are going to score you keep you from going to work it's just it's it's it's a horrible thing it's it's very draconian in my opinion Brian Bowen with tonight on ground zero eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one that's eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one back with more ground.

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