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And i'll watch singing in the rain fixed week from us don't promise outrage that's how you're gonna get challah dough miss this is what we learned well first of all i got lucky usual so every tuesday night i watch a little show called ink master actually the spinoff ink master angels gets a tattoo show spin off of ink master which is hosted by dave navarro it's a tattoo it's like project runway for tattoos dave in a relationship with the tattooed female to on have on d have on they together yeah nikki six dated her for motley crue create all look into that i'll get out team david carbon electra guitarist for jane's addiction and all that and chili peppers philip at time but and then andy dick said that they had a little bit of relationship almost two with bondi no andy dick and dave navarro i doubt that very what anti dick says that you know what andy dick says i just feel like dave navarre's better taste i mean he dated come electra hear your sentence she's amazing is she she's perfectly fine oh she's a mazing data dennis rodman listen she dave navarro dennis rodman rights discovered her on the list of prince proteges i guess you would call them where does she rank well she can't really sing you know she's somewhere i mean yeah she's gorgeous she was yeah she was very important to me yeah i mean what was she what is she done this is my point what is what does she does young anthony know about common electro where was she in you'll how do we you exposed to thirteen or fourteen she was around she was scary move them around but she was she was in scary movie she's in a bunch of stuff okay yeah they they used her in but yeah mtv like you know your home alone in the summer okay scratch the alone part you're over the summer you know under your parents house anthony for you got on your roof okay sales in you gotta watch everybody does it mr mrs advertising does it this is public service apology don't apologize for that no catholic shame over this.

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