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Too okay. Hey to Shawn Watson coming up the Texans The ball is out at the end of the game. You'll see that on film. derozan knocked the ball out. It was clearly sitting in his hands. Didn't overturn it was. You'll see it on film. I'm retrieve already senior. Yeah the ball is out. I mean cautious got ball probably walk down. Field scored a touchdown game winner. No big deal. Nobody knew what have you seen from the Texans. And what are you guys looking looking forward to do. I'm looking for the matchup between guilty locked and diop that's GonNa be amazing I think you know our defenses versus Shawn and a good task for our special teams in our offensively going against their defense It's going to be a really good good game Sunday night. I mean Damn I loved Sunday. Sarah is is there anything to that talked about. How the Ravens? They seem like they enjoy. Loyd those Primetime Games there are some players that you've you've seen them that whenever the lights come on everything. KINDA gets a little deer in the headlights. If feels like prime time is something that happens every week for the Patriots. It's yeah it's a blessing to be on TV for the family. That's for sure My family doesn't get too many games so it's blessing that they're able to see all the way on the West Coast so I'm always excited plough on prime time for them Try to make a play for my mom and my dad and and you know honestly for some players. I think you know when you're Tom. Every game is is prime time. And that's kind of how our team roles we take take that Feel for from. Tom Brady Every games prime time and we know everyone's watching everyone's paying attention to a word on so I don't think we'll have a different approach. But you know I. I love playing on Sunday night. The key Chris Collins were juiced up. You know his little slide in intro they gotta get it Collins and Bill Belichick and now co host of a show. That's going to be interesting to hear what he has to say. I bet you you know when I was talking to the NFL all the time team. He told me it's going to become an entire. You guys are so fun to watch a quick question about life going going forward here. We what trae legend Van Noy play football. If that's what he wants to do man I I can't I can't hold them back. Okay I I believe in that if your kid wants to do something. I don't see why not. I have a quick question for for you. How is exciting? Is it to get such good responses from the mass of the nation about your college football entry. Bro You're killing it I I gotta say I'm happy for you. You're doing a really good job on. Doing that. Means a lot and by the late a a lot of people have been saying a lot of very nice things boy. There's some people say some very terrible people who are not for the brand I know for sure or not just like they're not for Burger or Joe Bug. Maybe there's haters out there you know that that's why that's why they are where they're at and that's why you were where you're so. You're you're doing good. Well I appreciate and I'm having a lot of fun to think about it is everybody's scared to mess me up right so I don't want to ever compare myself to Lamar Jackson action as humans. But I am an anomaly in this sports broadcasting road right so yeah everywhere I go all they ever say to me. WWe Does this ESPN's been doing this disown in Westwood. One of the we just want you to be you. I'm like okay. You said it. I mean I'm going to do so from Ontario. Yeah it is it is at some point. I assume boom it's GONNA change but at this point it's like what the hell can we do before I get yelled at. I know jogging late the river. There we go so my lady in Iran some vitamins last night in that video popped up again on her. I think on her thing and she said did you even think like that could have been a foot and a half deep like you couldn't see through that there could have been rocks or sticks or anything like that. I was like you know what's funny. I hadn't thought of that until right. AAC Now log underneath that thing just sticking. I could've been pierced rate in the face and not even thought of that by the way. Ignorance is bliss. I'm a very dumb individualism and helping his whole time. Hey You keep on baby. You're you're doing really well and and by the way did you did you get some love With another sue. I mean you're tailor their round giving you another sue. How how did that work? Oh I had to walk like a mile back to the studio by the way they had a couple of towels for me but I couldn't put the talent because any look soft. You know what I mean. You can't throw the people so I put shorts on the thing was I. Don't normally work cowboy boots but in that water couldn't get the boots off of the feet took me meeting minutes to get the anchors off of my. It was a bad scene over there. Manama's broken ankle almost faint. They were you know. Oh Oh yeah. So what are they told me. It was eight feet. I while I was told. By the captain of the Pontoon. There was eight feet so when I jump in you see me start doing this because I knew that my boots surfing anchor. So I'm like Oh my God oh my God and then my feet hit the ground. And I'm like wait a minute and I stand up and it's like right here. I'm like Oh this was not a I mean this was around. Well I could have died. There would have been alleged. You can't trust that you can't trust that captain. No more. He needs to be fired. They call it sale getting down there which is a pretty cool thing. They have all their pontoon boats out river and they just get after it on the Brazos River. I think it's a pretty good idea. I assume there's going to be more belly flops in a future down there. Actually I gotta go I gotTa go shoot my bottom with the vanoise on youtube right now so I got I gotta go much love. What is vibrate the van noise? It's my youtube channel so what I do. Is I bring teammates. I'm a big food person. We go to a mom and pop shops in Boston. And we basically shout them out because I feel like chefs and owners or just like football players. People could talk trash about us. We never can say anything back there. The same white people can give them stars. Say their food sucks and they never get say anything so I give them a platform to be able to speak all right. We'll check out vibe and went to vanoise. Excuse Watch you this weekend. Coming Back Z.. Ladies and gentlemen vibe and went to van noise voice if you've been.

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