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Now we'll give you a gift certificate to get a kindle version of my book leaving Vegas Out. FBI wiretaps mob domination of Las Vegas Casinos or my my new movie. Brothers against brothers The Sevilla Spiro War. And then had the old standby gangland wire so without any more commercial breaks. Let's let's introduce Kenneth Master. Welcome candidates really Great Abbey here. It's absolute pleasure to be here so Kenneth You wrote a book. The title of the book is Let me get this down. That's a that's a mouthful you WANNA say tattle your book. The part of the book is Leavenworth. Seven deadly 1931 prison break and that Nets an interesting prison break folks folks. That was a lot of the the roving gangs of bank robbers in the Nineteen Thirties. Broke out what two or three different prisons I believe at the time Sometime in the neck those two or three years of mining clad broke some people out down in Huntsville or Eastham prison farm and much. These guys broke Gavin Leavenworth and they went on to bank robbing spree and ended up in the big shootout up. Little Bohemia did podcastone dillinger at little bohemia showdown but Gareth. Let's Ah Delo weren't average out there a little bit about your history of kind of interesting history any nap with your even a prison guard up there in Leavenworth for quite some time correct. That is correct. Correct I I always tell people that I did life on the installment plan eight hours at a time. I started out my career as a correctional specialist in the US Army. I served at Fort Leavenworth military prison. There towards the end of my first three years in the military met this little girl and fell in love and we got married and I decided I was going to spend my time in Kansas so I went to work for the Kansas State penitentiary when it was still the Kansas state penitentiary and little all over a year and after that I went to work at the United States Penitentiary Leavenworth and worked there for twenty seven years. So from nineteen seventy nine two thousand ten when I served as a correctional professional. Wow you use all of our mobsters go through there from down here in Kansas City. Didn't you a lot of acquaintances for EH. Not only the Kansas City mob mob all over the country. I've John Stand for work for me for about eight years. Really new Tuffy to Luna had conversations with Russell Bufalino about what they did with Jimmy Hoffa interesting interesting. That's really topical right now. Yeah I guess. You've seen the Irishman. I saw the Irishman. And I gotta say that Joe Pass. She does an excellent Russell Buffalo. No Hair Dad's folks from a man who actually they knows Russell Move Lino and interacted with him over a period of time. We'll give Joe Patchy thumbs up for his His portrayal love the the famous mob. Boss from he was from Pennsylvania New York upstate. Pennsylvania is like it's hard to put put a particular city like Gaudy New York Knicks Belen and Kansas City. Tony ACCARDO and Chicago. Those guys you now. Buffalo Lino have the I guess. Northern Pennsylvania Stanford had the southern part of Pennsylvania. Okay Yeah Philadelphia Area and all that mess. That happened down there and racing. Entertainment may have to come back and do some more shows on on those guys time and crew. Yeah I'LL BET and one quick question is like we've seen in the movies. Do they get some of their own food and liked to cook their own Back in cell block where they all kind of have will be housed in an that. Same kind of general vicinity tier of a wing or something. They actually do house them. Pretty much basically close together and back back. When I first started leavenworth they had a in diesel house? It was called the old man's wing and all the older mobsters Russell. Buffa Lino Tito from Mira. Henry Borelli all of those guys were living in the cell house but they were living on the lower galleries and the rest of the top galleries. Respod Bod- Gallery side by the city walk and a half long and the younger guys were upstairs. They were just regular everyday run of the mill criminals but the the mafia pretty much held at down. Downstairs Christiaan divvied. It was part of the French connection. Oh Yeah Crew New York and on up to Montreal. Yeah and he was. He was there at the time. And I know some of your listeners may know who Phil Garrido was Familiar with that was the guy a couple of years ago that was found holding a woman out in his backyard in Vegas and his wife and him were. His wife was kind of strange Doug herself but they were holding a young girl out in the backyard and had a child was out in makeshift. Shed you know. Yeah Yeah Yeah I remember that he was he was there at the institution at the time. Interesting seen some interesting people corrections is one of those jobs that you see something every day that Mexico. Yeah I know. We've got our friend from David who was a guard at Marian that has a is not podcast is more like a youtube podcast. He does a youtube videos and tell stories out of Marion Penitentiary So it's called as a key returns you guys. If you haven't ever taken look at as a key turns on Youtube you take a look at them those stories. He's been on here. He's a guy that he told us a story about when John Gotti I. I hit the cell block at Marian. He was one of the guards he said he said the man's lined up but like it was the king was coming in and and really gave him huge respect until the end and what that beat him so bad it almost guilty John Stanford was the same way when he got. The Leavenworth has the his. The following was quite really well quite well. And I mean you've got figureheads like that with the Mafia they you've got a crew. That actually walks walks around them. Protects them keeps them from getting beat on. Yeah most of the other inmates no they. They're not messing with those guys mess with them interesting. Well some things. Sometimes that life does imitate art. Maybe art looked at life and and then created in the movies. Sometimes I mean looking at the Irishman when I was like I I've seen that before kind of how people relate to each other. Oh Yeah respect this kind of you know the the the higher up you go the better it is what it that way so you also were the historian effort. Leavenworth correct. I I I I kind of got that job by the fault I had A. I've amassed over the course of my career probably three or four four thousand photographs of the military prison and the US Benetton uniforms badges. But I've probably got the got it somewhere in a box somewhere and done a lot of reading nurse including mine my two books on the penitentiary. Lovemore seven the. US Penitentiary Leavenworth. I've I know of about thirty three books that are written. It have some type of story line that deals with Leavenworth. Wow So let's talk about your most recent book first of all you. You mentioned that other book talk. Just just tell folks a little bit what that's about it and how they can get it. It's it's more of a picture book. It's I'm one of these kind of I. Don't jump in the middle of the pool. I kind of stick Matola into sea order like I understand and the first three books I wrote were basically photographic histories since I it was at the US or the penitentiary for twenty seven years. I wrote a pictorial history of the federal prison through Arcadia Publishing and then did a book On Fort Leavenworth goes I was stationed there and then a book on the city eleven worth and the development of the city of Leavenworth in its early stages. And they've draw a lot of interest in the Federal Prison Book. USB Leavenworth has brought a lot of interest from a lot of different people throughout the United States it's carries on from the very earliest beginnings of the institution all the way through the modern era of corrections that tells the development of the institution itution White was developed. Who always there? I've got pictures of the bird. Man and Carl paying Ram Frank Nash. Frank Nitty cool. So how would person get those books. They're all on Amazon. They're all on Amazon They can Do you have other pates. Can they just hired Kenneth the master if they put them master okay and the search engine of their little old computers at home. They'll find out more about me than I know about myself and then just go to Amazon Lincoln. Of course we'll go. You'll find the podcast. Once it goes up to but Just go to the Amazon Lincoln. And you'll oh find out those books so let's talk about your most recent book. The Leavenworth seven the deadly nineteen thirty. One prison break ended. That come about the escape actually took about three years to master minded. pull off the crew. That was actually broken out. Seven of them. The four of those guys. We're members of Frank Nashes crew. The man who was killed at Union station massacre and most people don't realize it Frank Nash mostly as they know about the union station massacre. But he really know very little about Frank Nash. Nash was a mastermind. His father ran hotels in Bartlesville Oklahoma and he had uncanny ability to talk to people uncanny ability and he could schmooze his way. He actually talked his way out of the Oklahoma territorial prison three separate occasions one occasion. I'll join the army okay. They let him join the army. He actually fought World War One. Second time. I've got some business to take care of Bartlesville. I'll go ahead. You're okay and he would his personality was he could win over. Just just about anybody and Frank Nash. When he was Ed McAlister had became friends with Al Spencer L.? Spencer was a territorial cowboy that fashion himself after Jesse James and the media had followed him for quite some time until they just kind of realized that. Hey this guy's pulling off bank robberies. But he's pulling off robberies that are only netting twenty five bucks seventeen dollars just just odd pennies and nickels. Title's off of what the Henry stores and everybody else was fallen off at the time and it started kind of making fun of him. While Spencer decided he was going to leave an indelible billable mark in the history of Oklahoma and decided he was going to rob a train Jesse James E was going back to Jesse James and Frank Nash. Rush being the masterminded he was he was L. Spencer's lieutenant in his crew. He went out and surveyed. What they could rob Bob and they wound up rob indicate limited the MCAT railroad in O'Keefe's Oklahoma which in itself would wind up being the last armed train robbery in the history of Oklahoma and when they pulled his arm train robbery off half the crew had never pulled off an arm train robbery and her life life had one guy grover cdl which was one of the seven was broke out? He smashed the firemen in the in the engine. Ad Within Frank Nash. The whole time robberies going off frank national standard talk in politics and calm cool collected and national figure it out we rob this and he told the guys when they robbed a strain leave the federal bonds alone. We could get our way out of mcallister. We'd get our way the the situation in Oklahoma but if you touch the federal bonds to run this train we can't get ourselves out of the Federal Prison Well L. Spencer decided he was just GonNa take it all. He took everything off the train including federal bonds and all the guys were caught within a short period period of time. So that's what got the feds and they ended up in Leavenworth and that's how they ended up in Leavenworth. And when I got the Leavenworth Frank Nash. Storage shortage SMOOTHENS schmoozing himself away around the institution. Yeah he knows that game. He knows how to play the game. I know another guy that did that. If a Marian he knew how to play that Game Hey and he talked himself into a job that was a sweet as it can be. He was the head Cook in Deputy Wardens House out on the front lawn of the institution. Yeah I've seen that house and he did the interesting bull enough. His Assistant Cook was Frank. Nitty really well. Oh Frank Nash. One afternoon decides to he goes out to the front gate of the prison tells the altar. He's got a party to cook for down at the deputy warden sales force they they let him out. He goes down to the House about nine thirty. They call up the house and said Hey. Nash has got to get back over here for the ten o'clock count nationally. Been in over here all day. And he's gone and the same way with The couple of other crew that helped Nash masterminded reminded escape. Was Thomas. James Holden and Francis Keating they were put in Leavenworth for Robin Evergreen Park Mail train in Evergreen Park Illinois and they'd actually got away with the robbery of the train for over two years and another crew pulled off the the exact same style robbery using all of the techniques that Keating Holden abused they pull his train robbery the off they get caught the FBI figures out who pulled off the initial train robbery. So they send that crew plus Holden and Keating the Leavenworth breath.

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