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For this big big weekend. College football tomorrow. Can't wait to hunker down. Block in control flip around Skopje. A lot of fun. Just kind of set the table here for you. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. I'm Craig David here on I lasted for Mike Golic Judy audience radio the ESPN app a goal shooter in with Mike Golic and Trey wingo. They're coming up at the top of the hour. Tell you what they're doing in just a moment. I last brought to you by shell. Get triple action protection for optimal engine performance with shell v power nitro plus premium gasoline, so call it up at the top of the hour. Golic and wingo as they are broadcasting live from Austin in Libertyville, Illinois at getting themselves. Ready for the pit Notre Dame game. Two mile one of the very exciting games on the slate of college football coming up Sarah Spain who. You can hear every weekday evening right at six o'clock eastern time co host to Spain and Fitz she'll be on the show and Chicago data that Nagy will join us the head coach of the Chicago Bears at eight ten. He's getting ready to take on the Miami Dolphins Brian Kelly head coach Notre Dame. Deger. They're getting ready to take on pit. As just mentioned. He's going to be on the show. And then Tom Waddell, the co host of Waddle and Silvy at nine thirty. So a lot of good actually with Golic and wingo coming up and also tell you what else is coming up. All right. Allie is out Devon in her place here today. What's going on, man? Hi, thanks. I up. The giants got demolished against the eagles last night. How short should be lighted. Meanings leash. Well, it's a sentimental deal here. Right. Guys won two Super Bowls. You spend the guy's been the face of the mighty New York. Giants all these.

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