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All right. Larry FitzGerald, Robbie Anderson, Cortlandt Sutton. And it's a half PR. Yeah. Sutton sutton. It is from Mike DeJean Hamilton or Dede Westbrook Didi from Jared in New York, New York, I'm hanging out with Jared who lives in New York New York tomorrow is this who sent in the amount. So it's not really at he'd be fringe you. And that's how he got his Email read on the podcast now who do I have great story to tell you after this. Okay. Who do I start Boyd Godwin Tate or day? Sean Hamilton PR Boyd Godwin Hamilton. It's boy. Oh, pick three so sit one. Oh, wow. So the one that I would sit would be you can take a chance and sick old and Tate. Okay. From sal. Hey, Adam, Dave, Jamie and heaps heath start one running back Sony, Michelle to Rico and Kenneth Dixon. Standard. Hallway Cohen in standard scoring not even thinking twice about it quarterback question here. Matt Ryan or the margin. Ackson? I've Ryan retire. I feel better about his upside than Jackson's, but I do like Jackson to half PR. Tevin Coleman Allen Robinson or McGuire. Mac. Yeah. You're gonna go with McGuire over cold probably the right way to go. There is one wrinkle here. Tevin Coleman might be the only guy in that backfire Lido Smith showed up on the injury report with a knee he's questionable. If he ends up not playing the Coleman is going to be the lead back for Atlanta in the past. It's been a very good thing. The matchup is exceptionally good. I would love to have seven Coleman available to me, which means that I would pass on Maguire must we hear something about hito Smith, the is gonna play don't worry about it. But I would pass McGuire and have Robinson ready to go. If ITO is active if ITO is inactive Tevin Coleman. Oh my gosh. That'd be nice that can really change things Spencer Omaha. Who would you start Joe mixon or Philip Lindsay mixing? Okay. Top-five for me. All right, by the way, we're gonna do fan will in a little bit at the end of the show stick around for that. Greg. From a city in the San Francisco Bay area. A city not an area. Yeah. Screw man, San Jose. Everybody's living there pick forward. PR?.

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